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Friday, April 30, 2010

from rumormillnews

Yet, the MSM STILL has no clue - and spins EVERYTHING to protect his regime.

If it talks like a Marxist - and legislates like a Marxist - and bullies and lies from his teleprompter continually - then more than likely he IS a Marxist.

His Occidental College fellow student remembers Barry at link:


RAP....a BIG win!!

From the nesaranews blogspot

Restore America Plan - A Win
Hello Friends,

Check this out! Tim Turner wins a big case! 3 judges retire with no notice!

Here is one of the comments after the article..

This is HUGE news! The $50Billion maritime lien filed against the Houston County Alabama
District Court Corporation has been sustained and is now in collection
phase. These 3 judges are now broke, wiped out professionally, and now all
their assets have been seized and will be sold to help satisfy this lien.
Additionally the Sheriff also a named party to the action and the District
Attorney will be shortly following these 3 out the door, also personally and
professionally bankrupted and contributing their assets to settling the
lien. The case that was their nadir is: Commercial Bank of Enterprise
Alabama v Josie Park Broadcasting Inc. The bulk of the seized assets to
satisfy the $50B lien will come from the casino money which has been proven
to illegally conspired to steal the Wjrm Ch *67 broadcasting company.
Additionally, this huge victory in de facto court firmly establishes the de
facto courtroom bona fides of one litigator, Tim Turner (NON-ESQUIRE.)
Turner is not only one of the winning litigators, but also a part-owner of
Josie Park Broadcasting, Inc. Last but not least, litigator Turner is also
Commander of the legitimate, re-inhabited De jure 100 member Alabama
Militia, and one of the two de jure appointed Alabama senators under the
re-established De jure Alabama republic. Last but not least, Turner is one
of the 4 Guardian Elders of the Restore America Plan, which received some
MSM press coverage (March 27, 2010.Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Christian Science
Monitor, USA Today, etc.) The portion of the article above which states the
state is trying to save money is simply spin. A bankrupt defacto court is
out of business, period. Their corporated bond has been arrested. The STATE
OF ALABAMA judiciary is reeling. Details are just beginning to emerge.

alcuin's latest blog 5-01-10

The final phase of your dark cabal's efforts to forestall the inevitable is concluding. We want to give you a range of technologies which will dovetail easily with the devices to be made public by your new caretaker government régimes.
"Under the provisions of an exchange contract, the black projects directorates of your secret government received a number of devices from extraterrestrial members of the former Anchara Alliance. These technologies can swiftly transform the way your sciences and their outdated frameworks view the workings of your reality. In fact, your world has been greatly limited by their pronouncements of what is possible and what is not, and these antiquated boundaries need to be expanded to include concepts like dark energy and dark matter, as well as broader notions of what constitutes 'physical' and 'spiritual'. As you begin to integrate these new concepts into your worldview, you become capable of entertaining ideas that had previously seemed fantastic. Our technology can form the first support of a bridge between us, and the second support will be your growing consciousness. Consciousness is basic, as our tools are predicated on telepathy and telekinesis and on the mutual interplay this provides between our tools and us. From our perspective there is no real separation between our technology and us. Whether the device is a ship, a transporter, or a replicator, all are living entities which merge their sentient potential with our own to create something. This something can be a trip through the universe, the invention of a special implement to make life easier, or dinner. The point is to move beyond your present notion that there are living and non-living states. Your planet and your Sun are alive. And as you progress into the sciences of nanotechnology, nanobiology, and artificial intelligence, new definitions of sentiency are sure to come up. The activity of practising how to operate our devices has the effect of strengthening your life force field. Many devices acquired and back-engineered by your secret government have a similar effect. As you become proficient in their use, you will become aware that you possess a number of immense hidden talents. These talents are remnants of your former fully conscious self, and once you set foot on this path there will be no avoiding the fact that you are much greater Beings than you presently believe ...." More about the Anchara Alliance can be found here.

NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life

With blinding speed, NASA appears to have responded to Stephen Hawkings's admonition against outreaching to "potentially- dangerous extraterrestrials" .

Cabal operative Hawking gave his dour admonition on Monday, April 26.

The very next day, (Tuesday, April 27), NASA sent out a press release to media that it was holding a radio-broadcasted press conference today (Wednesday), [going on right now at 1:30 p.m. EDT at:

www.nasa.gov/ home/hqnews/ 2010/apr/ HQ_M10-064_ ET_Telecon. html ]

The press conference deals with "evidence of life on Mars, the habitability of other celestial bodies, and future research."

While it may be pure coincidence, in the heady and pool-bank-shot world of politics, one could interpret this series of close-sequence events as the Obama Administration' s bureaucratic equivalent of a sc***-you response to the Cabal's Stephen Hawking propaganda blast.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life

WASHINGTON -- NASA will hold a news media teleconference at 1:30 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, April 28, to discuss the status of agency-sponsored astrobiology research, including the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life and the study of how life began on Earth. Topics also will include the quest for evidence of life on Mars, the habitability of other celestial bodies, and future technology research.

This week, NASA and scientists from around the world are gathering at a biennial meeting near Houston to celebrate 50 years of astrobiology research. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. Scientists gathered to share new data and insights, initiate and advance collaborations, plan new projects, and educate the next generation of astrobiologists.

The teleconference participants are:
Mary Voytek, astrobiology senior scientist at NASA Headquarters, Washington
Steve Squyres, researcher, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
Bill Schopf, researcher, University of California, Los Angeles
Jack Farmer, researcher, Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.
John Peters, researcher, Montana State University, Bozeman


Halliburton also was the cementer on a well that suffered a big blowout last August in the Timor Sea, off Australia. The rig there caught fire and a well leaked tens of thousands of barrels of oil over 10 weeks before it was shut down. The investigation is continuing; Halliburton declined to comment on it.


An oil-drilling procedure called cementing is coming under scrutiny as a possible cause of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico that has led to one of the biggest oil spills in U.S. history, drilling experts said Thursday.

The process is supposed to prevent oil and natural gas from escaping by filling gaps between the outside of the well pipe and the inside of the hole bored into the ocean floor. Cement, pumped down the well from the drilling rig, is also used to plug wells after they have been abandoned or when drilling has finished but production hasn't begun.

In the case of the Deepwater Horizon, workers had finished pumping cement to fill the space between the pipe and the sides of the hole and had begun temporarily plugging the well with cement; it isn't known whether they had completed the plugging process before the blast.

Regulators have previously identified problems in the cementing process as a leading cause of well blowouts, in which oil and natural gas surge out of a well with explosive force. When cement develops cracks or doesn't set properly, oil and gas can escape, ultimately flowing out of control. The gas is highly combustible and prone to ignite, as it appears to have done aboard the Deepwater Horizon, which was leased by BP PLC, the British oil giant.

Concerns about the cementing process—and about whether rigs have enough safeguards to prevent blowouts—raise questions about whether the industry can safely drill in deep water and whether regulators are up to the task of monitoring them.

The scrutiny on cementing will focus attention on Halliburton Co., the oilfield-services firm that was handling the cementing process on the rig, which burned and sank last week. The disaster, which killed 11, has left a gusher of oil streaming into the Gulf from a mile under the surface.

Federal officials declined to comment on their investigation, and Halliburton didn't respond to questions from The Wall Street Journal.

According to Transocean Ltd., the operator of the drilling rig, Halliburton had finished cementing the 18,000-foot well shortly before the explosion. Houston-based Halliburton is the largest company in the global cementing business, which accounted for $1.7 billion, or about 11%, of the company's revenue in 2009, according to consultant Spears & Associates.

Growing worries about potential lawsuits and other costs of the oil spill in the wake of its rapid spread led investors to clobber stocks of companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon well Thursday.

Halliburton fell 5.3% to $31.60 and Cameron International Corp., which built the blowout-prevention equipment that didn't stop the explosion, dropped 13% to $38.70, both at 4 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading.

Link for much more:


CRISTIAN SALAZAR, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – Thousands of workers and union leaders marched on
s;">Wall Street on Thursday to express their anger over lost jobs, the taxpayer-funded bailout of financial institutions and questionable lending practices by big banks.

The rally was organized by the AFL-CIO and an association of community groups. It included a diverse mixture of union workers, activists, the unemployed, and homeowners threatened by foreclosure.

"These guys are like pirates," said small business owner Karen Casamassima, of New York, who called for "economic patriotism" and held up a jewel encrusted skull with the words, "Financial Terrorists."

The protesters, carrying signs saying "Wall Street Overdrafted Our Economy" and "Reclaim America," rallied at City Hall Park, then marched down to the Merrill Lynch Bull statue demanding good jobs and accountability from banks.

"I think Wall Street is responsible for the collapse of our economy," said Bennett Silverstein, an attorney from Brooklyn who said his savings were depleted by the recession.

Earlier in the day, noisy protesters with signs took over two bank building lobbies on Manhattan's Park Avenue in a prelude to the rally.

More than 100 people entered a midtown building housing JPMorgan Chase offices. They handed a bank executive a letter requesting a meeting with the CEO, and chanted "Bust up! Big banks!" and "People power!"

A half-hour later, they were calmly escorted outside by officers, who remained expressionless as the protesters chanted, "The police need a raise."

They then walked a few blocks up the avenue and crowded into the lobby of the Seagram Building, where Wells Fargo and Wachovia, the bank it merged with in 2008, have offices.

The protesters held up signs reading, "Save Our Jobs" and "Save Our Homes." One included a Great Depression-era photograph. Police arrived on horseback as curious office workers watched the scene unfold from their windows.

"We're here today to stop the corporate greed that is ruining our neighborhoods," said Andrea Goldman, 59, of Springfield, Mass., who's part of a group called Alliance to Develop Power.

Fran Durst, a Wachovia spokeswoman, said the protesters wanted to deliver a letter to the bank, and they did so. She declined further comment on the letter.

The other banks did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, which includes many Wall Street financial institutions, declined to comment.


April 29, 2010

Hodges and Associates INTERIM UPDATE

I have previously stated that I would not provide an “update” until we had confirmation of economic receipt or, I became convinced that payment to CMKX shareholders would not be forthcoming in a timely manner. This “Interim Update” is the exception that proves the rule, so to speak. However, it has been a relatively long period [certainly more than I originally anticipated] since I communicated with the shareholders at large, and there is material information to impart.

Before providing some information about what has been transpiring and our current status, let me address a few other matters:

• I am an attorney and have been retained by seven brave and exceptional shareholders that represent a cross section of the proposed class.

• The Bivens action which I have filed not only sets forth the facts as I know them, it seeks to become a class-action on behalf of all shareholders.

• At this instant in time however, I literally represent only the seven named plaintiffs; as a result, I am constrained in the types and extent of information which I can provide to putative members of the class.

• In the unlikely event that this litigation continues forward, a motion will be filed with the Court requesting that a class be certified. If granted, at that point I will, presumably, be appointed by the Court to continue acting as counsel for the class; thereafter, the Court will be required to approve any and all settlements, and others matters.

• The status of the litigation can at all times be monitored on PACER; as a result, we do not respond to inquiries at my office; accordingly, please do not contact us directly for such information.

• For everyone’s information, all defendant’s have been served, and an initial scheduling conference, originally set by the Court to be held on April 26, 2010 has been continued by mutual agreement of the parties [with consent of the Court] to July 26, 2010.

• The litigation will be aggressively pursued until such time as all CMKX shareholders have been paid.

In a similar vein, please understand that we are not involved in any ongoing negotiations with the SEC and/or their representatives with a view to compromising and/or otherwise attempting to resolve claims of the shareholders. We have set forth in the complaint what the shareholders are entitled to receive; compromise is not anything that the shareholders want, desire, or would tolerate or accept.

The belief of some that yelling and screaming, loudly and publicly enough, can somehow “force” release of the CMKX moneys, is erroneous and misplaced; it will not. Having said that, I do believe that media exposure is beneficial in the sense that it keeps the pressure on the entire financial community.

Inquiring minds want to know: what is our status; what has been going on; what is holding up economic receipt; when will our money be released; and how much money is there? Let me address each of these questions, to the extent I am able, separately:

1. How Much Money – As I have said before, we have persuasive evidence to all of the facts alleged as such in the complaint; accordingly, there is a total of 3.87 Trillon Dollars.

2. When is Release – The CMKX distribution funds will be released within a very short time after there is confirmation of Economic Receipt. What does that mean? It means that currently in process is a massive shift of wealth within the US and the world community; that includes: pay out of all the domestic settlements; institution of the US dollar re-funding project; pay out of world settlements; and, distribution of funds to many other programs. This involves a total of more than $ 42 Trillion. Economic Receipt occurs when all trustees have access to all of the funds they are responsible for.

3. Our Status – We are literally on the thresh-hold. This means that the “work” remaining to be finished will not consume more hours than can be accomplished within one day. We have been at this point now for more than a few weeks.

4. The Delay – Although I could write a book about what’s been going on behind the scenes to cause this additional delay, I’ll try to give you the condensed version:

First - Please be aware and understand that there is an economic war raging in the background.

Second - The naked corruption that is endemic in D.C. is more than most can comprehend; it is clear that these miscreants have no regard for the US Constitution, Federal Laws and Regulations, nor even any sense of simple morality. They are convinced that they are above any constraint that might apply to lesser mortals and that no enforcement activity will ever successfully address them. I hasten to add that such opinions are not universal; having said that, it is more widespread than not.

Third - These miscreants are, in effect, fighting for their lives – at least that part of their lives that establishes an environment in which they can continue to lie, cheat, steal, and mortgage your progeny’s lives, all for their personal gain. Accordingly, they will fight until the doors are all closed by a power that they cannot subvert. That fight continues as I prepare this interim update.

Fourth - The good news is, we are winning the battle. The circle within which these bad apples can operate draws inexorably smaller with each attempt to bribe, suborn and otherwise corrupt the system, and the people within it. By way of example, I was advised that over the weekend one State Department person, 10 bankers and 18 Federal Reserve people were arrested and dealt with.

Fifth – By what date will we have Economic Receipt, you ask. We will have it when this initial battle phase comes to a successful conclusion. That will be in the very near future in my opinion; the current schedule based on advice I received this afternoon is that it should all be finished, with funds in the Trustee’s hands, by week’s end.

I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to those of you who continue to demonstrate support and encouragement for our efforts. We remain very optimistic for the long term. Rest assured that the fight will continue, and we will prevail.

Al Hodges

Restore America Plan - Past History Summary


This post might at first seem off subject, however it is a brief history. History is needed to understand the present. As understanding is gained, fear diminishes.
Our hats should be off to the Elders of GotFR & RAP for what they are accomplishing. However, what is happening has been going on for a long time. Sovereignty seekers go further back than the Patriot Movement of the 1980s & 90s, which was a war. If you don't accept that, research the names: Gordon Kahl (individual), Randy Weaver (family), Branch Dividians (community), OK City bombing (city/regional records center), 9-11 (nation/world records center & gold depository). You might as well throw in there the JFK & Lincoln assassinations, and many more, including the recent loss of the Polish government. The groups behind JFK's murder got away with it by "officially" recording that "a crazy Oswald, lone gunman did it." As a result of this, they escaped punishment and lived to do it again on a greater scale.

This is freedom vs. slavery. Today, it is called [individual responsibility] sovereignty vs. The Corporate [Admiralty/insurance] Order. The War was not won in the 1990s (nor 1794: Jay's Treaty which eventually lead to the War of 1812 which City of London actually won. Also see: ORIGINAL 13th Amendment) because The people were not suffering enough. The bubble, like all before (Dutch tulip), eventually bust. Goldman Sachs helped create the housing bubble to perpetuate the debt System. In their greed to make the greater profit on the down-side [of the bubble], they have exposed themselves. Insurance/Wall St. is like a gambling casino. Some participators/residents may win, but it is the House/owners-of-casino who ultimately gain.
In the long run, the key words are: goods & minerals backed exchanges vs. usury---promise to pay a debt (in a money pool). When a central bank charges interest the simple mathematics of the set-up is: given time the interest will be greater than the enter value of the participants. Sovereignty is sanity claiming to not want to be a part of the insane Casino System.
This month, foreign U.S. bond holders don't want to participate at the Casino any longer.

The Illuminati types once owned/controlled minerals & lands. Now they own paper/$$/EU/insurance policies/mortgages/
derivatives. The people of China, Japan, India, Russia, South America, etc. & key military have awaken to the mathematical facts of usury/debt. The central bank & Corporate owners have fooled themselves onto the precipitous of bankruptcy/pulling-of-their-bonds, and now want your blood/more-taxes to bail them out AGAIN. If they pull off something more evil than 9-11 & blame it on the Islamic who oppose usury, don't be fooled again into fighting another war so they can profit from your blood. The Catholic Church, and others, long ago sold out and accepted usury. Today the Vatican has conceded their loss of morality. The central bank owners are facing their own Waterlo[w]o. A Doctrine of Odious Debts moratorium is upon us. A Change to sovereign's self-responsibility is presently possible. We of the responsible need to show the subject-class Citizens of the Corporate World Order that work/production can be full-filling under a positive ethic as opposed to that of debt-creation. What follows NEEDS to remain peaceful. Let not history repeat the days immediately following Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses in 1517, because some wanted to fight "His" Reformation.

CASPER OPINION: APRIL 30, 2009 (Updated with comment by Patrick H. Bellringer)

This post was taken from fourwinds10.com. Patrick Bellringer is the owner of the news service and I fully agree with his comments added at the bottom of the casper opinion. I am sick of the jerkwads that whine regarding the updates that casper puts out. I too would so like to cram casper's words down their throats. But I am being polite with what I really feel about them...cramming something down someon'e throat has a much softer tome to it. Here's casper's opinion.......................................


The 'language' surrounding this seemingly never ending cat and mouse game has become consistent, "we must have the funds to save the banks and we will get them one way or another". Usually left unsaid but even more important to them "we must stop at all cost the deliveries which lead to announcements and the attendant proof that successive Administrations have been operating the largest Criminal Enterprise in world history from within U.S. Governmental Structures".

"WE don't know everything", yet as knowledge increases over time it has become more obvious than ever before that the effort to STOP the 'new' financial/banking system and our accompanying funding has become a 'life or death' effort for 'them' which is worldwide in its scope. Outcomes revolve around and are subject to the activities of what WE have dubbed the "Second Rail" players meaning Heads of State, Central Banks, Sovereign National Interest, Illuminati/Vatican/Royals Interest, the wealthiest families in the world and more which are above the "First Rail" activities of Trustees, Bankers and the like. Overcoming those Second Rail Players committed to a continuation of the Status Quo, which includes the D.C. Corporate Structure, is at the core of the WAR and the daily battles and subjects program participants to the whipsaw and emotional swings which accompany the ebb and flow of the battles at those lofty levels. Collectively we are helpless, we are hostages, we are 'ignorant peasants' in their eyes and our only importance lies in the fact the accounts containing the funds are already set up in our names. "They" are after the money, it has always been thus. Sacrificing us to save themselves and their corrupt Fraudulent Finance/Banking Operations is a given from their perspective. You know and understand by now the 'big picture' even if the daily problem de jure might confuse you (or us). You also realize that more than the demise of the 100 year old 'Fiat Monetary Systems' is involved, that retrieving the United States from the carnivorous swamp creature THE UNITED STATES makes the War infinitely more difficult and you now understand what the 'exposures' will mean to the criminals personally and why therefore they 'fight to the death' to stop it from occurring, to STOP the first domino from falling.

Try to imagine all that 'we don't know'. It's impossible. Snakes meet in the dark, make deals then screw each other hours later. WE learn of and report this or that. WE doubt it is even 10% of what is actually going on. 'They' have tens of thousands of helpers doing their bidding, thousands of lawyers who themselves face the 'gas chamber' if the Original Constitution precluding lawyers from serving in Government is restored. It is all so overwhelmingly huge and complex. 'Their' privately owned and manipulated Financial System is on its last legs but when criminals are running the show who knows to what extremes they will go when faced with 'exposure'. Debt, like Fire, is a great servant or a terrible master. To keep their con game going they are increasing the already out of control impossible to repay debt Internationally, EXPONENTIALLY. It buys them time but leaves the real problems even more impossible to overcome and guarantees disaster for the regular folk, 'the peasants'. And for what? To save themselves in power and enrich themselves personally. It is the INTENTIONAL destruction of what remains of historical America and half the people do not yet realize what is being done to them. It may be more subtle, but 'they' might as well be shooting the people in the streets. If, because of their greed and political madness, they string out the 'old' as far as possible it will mean, for the people, 'death by a thousand cuts'. Try to imagine the true character of men who would pass the despised 'Healthcare Bill' by both hook and crook and then attempt to sell the income stream therefrom 30 years in advance in order to obtain the funds to preserve themselves in power a little while longer. There are no words sufficient to describe the completely corrupt and evil nature of Washington D.C..

On the Business Front WE are awaiting, like you, further news and/or instructions.

casper 4-30-10 opinion




This piece written by Casper on this Arbor Day, the last day of April 2010, that he calls “Opinion”, is the most true and concise statement he has ever made to summarize the evil world order that “We the People” face today. Every person, who has bitched about Casper or about his updates, about Fourwinds for positing his updates, about Bellringers for doing the postings and believing in such “crap”, or who has complained about the years of delays in not getting their money, or of “WE” not succeeding in taking down the U.S. Corporate Government and throwing the bastards out of office, needs to have this statement of Truth by Casper crammed down their throat, as food for thought to possibly wake them up to the real world, the real World’s Order, and to the Adversary against whom we fight.

The odds are overwhelming, but we shall prevail, for the Light always prevails and sweeps away the fools into the Dark Night. Victory for “We the People” is at hand! Know it! Believe it! Evil is destroying itself! -- Patrick H. Bellringer
Restore America Plan – Possible New Evidence 4/29/10

Executive Summary – Tim Turner one of the Guardian Elders involved in the Restore America Plan has filed a $50,000,000,000 (billion) maritime lien against the Houston District Court Corporation. The lien was sustained and is in collection process. This has apparently caused three judges to resign, one suddenly See this newspaper article for documentation:

Judge Steensland announces retirement; little notice given

The Sheriff and District Attorney are also being affected by the lien. I heard the district attorney already resigned. Tim Turner so to speak arrested their bond. The lien exceeded their bond (insurance against wrong doing like usurping authority over one they have no authority over) and they had to leave office since they cannot work without a bond. To work without a bond would expose the county to damages.

The underlying case is: Commercial Bank of Enterprise Alabama v Josie Park Broadcasting Inc. This lends credence to Tim Turner courtroom methods which he teaches. This is one of the Tim Turner websites:


Turner is not only one of the winning litigators, but also a part-owner of Josie Park Broadcasting, Inc. Turner is also Commander of the legitimate, re-inhabited De jure 100 member Alabama Militia, and one of the two de jure appointed Alabama senators under the re-established De jure Alabama republic. Turner is one of the 4 Guardian Elders of the Restore America Plan. This is a serious guy. It seems he bankrupted a de facto court known for dealing out evil to the constituents illegally. More on this story will emerge.

Analysis - It would seem most unlikely that this would succeed in the past so times are a changing. It is very possible that the Restore America Plan is becoming a reality. Hope they put Obama in a Kenyan Taxicab and send him home to Kenya.

Article found @: http://www.panamalaw.org/restore_america_plan_possible_new_evidence_04-29-10.html

Thursday, April 29, 2010

casper 04-28-10 #2

The explosive situation in D.C. has EXPLODED this afternoon causing still another delivery delay.

Much of what "WE think we know" will not be mentioned in tonight's update pending further confirmation which WE are working hard to obtain. So for now lets observe together the following spectacular development which has been confirmed.

Last night WE mentioned that things happen hourly not weekly and this is a great example. Suddenly HER LADYSHIP THE QUEEN is engaged in a "to the death struggle" with Obama and it is a 'take no prisoners' situation.

Above and beyond the usual 'rats in the sack' chewing on each other as often reported here and elsewhere, her Ladyship has learned that vast quantities of Documents bearing her forged signature have been in play since the Bush Senior Administration with a huge increase in such frauds under Obama. Her reaction to this today and the subsequent 'knife fight' with Obama which is still underway goes something like this;

When the U.S. was Incorporated in 1861 by Lincoln (when the South walked out leaving The Congress without a quorum), it was apparently The Queen of that era who financed the North in the war. Her Ladyship claims, and insist she has the Documents to back up her claims, that she owns the Corporation of Washington D.C. either from day one or as a result of subsequent financial defaults, WE are unsure which and it really does not matter. She says she owns the ten square mile area we know as Washington D.C. and all in it AND she has today ordered Obama and all D.C. politicians to vacate her property immediately. WE hear lots of folks in D.C. including Congress People are in shock tonight.

Remember the teachings of "S" who said, as best as I can recall, that the original 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations Contract entered into by Lincoln was renewed for another 70 years by FDR expiring in 2003 with a five year extension to 2008 OR the original date was measured from 1938 when the Supreme Court finally codified into law what FDR had done five years earlier. Then WE ,"S" and others wrote extensively about this during the 2008/2009 time frame with a 'bottom line' position from us that Bush Junior tried, unsucessfully, to put our country into still another 70 year Bankruptcy in '08 but was not allowed to do so by the creditors. WE are now hearing, and today's activities may have something to do with it, that all the attendant Documents were "buried" beyond anyone's reach. They 'overlooked' her Ladyships copy. All of the pertinent historical documents have now been sequestered, buried in such a way as to require codes to access them in the National Archives. You may recall our previous updates reporting our conversations with Switzerland and the trip over there to try and obtain a copy of their copies signed by Roosevelt. WE struck out and now find these "Lockdowns" still going on in modern day America. These matters, considered historical before now, appear to be pivotal in the unfolding situation.

And so, tonight's message is Big Big Fight, Obama and the Queen with Obama and all D.C. Politicians ordered out immediately by her Ladyship.

Other matters, equally interesting, will have to wait for confirmations tomorrow.

casper 4-28-10 #2

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

casper update

Most of the G-20 Reps have gone home now, a few stayed behind to see things through to completion. One last time they tried still another trade attempt, it was caught and stopped.

The packs are still out and still expected today.

The latest series of SCAMS emanating from the White House were remarkable for their complexity and scope and the number of high level CORPORATION PERSONEL involved.

The promises of "if Come" money used to bribe individuals and nations and courts finally 'burned itself out' what with Obama's inability to deliver resulting in all who bought his B.S. ending up empty handed and at each others throats. Then they went to the "Forged Documents" SCAMS minor parts of which WE reported. It turns out the FORGERIES are massive, staggering in their shear quantity. 'Beyond unbelievable'. Way beyond the forged signatures of ALL RECIPIENTS in all programs. It includes Agreements and Contracts between Nations with Geithner running the Banking aspect of the Scams, Hillary running the Diplomatic aspect and John Roberts validating the signatures on all the phony Documents, Contracts and Agreements knowing full well they were forged and bogus. WE hear Obama is facing more than 100 charges in this respect. There are huge amounts of Forged Documents in every Big Bank in connection with the attempt to divert all money to themselves from the rightful recipients.

The various Frauds with Forged Documents at the heart of each aspect of it is so massive you would not think it possible even in a third world country. All of it originated and was being perpetrated from the Obama White House. There are stacks and stacks of Fake and Forged Agreements even between Nations all of which are being declared 'Null and Void". The Heads of various Governments say 'THEY WILL BE BRINGING CHARGES AGAINST OBAMA, THE CLINTONS, GEITHNER, ROBERTS AND CERTAIN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

casper 4-28-10

Transcript of Sam Kennedy's talk "THE RESTORE AMERICA PLAN PHASE II"

Reader DH has transcribed into postable form the texts presented on the YouTube video of "The Restore America Plan, Phase II" as presented April 11 by Sam Kennedy:



Transcript from The Republic Broadcasting Network

April 11, 2010
Featuring Dr. Sam Kennedy Guardian Elder
The Guardians of the Free Republic

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This is a plan of Peace

Phase II of The Restore America Plan
This has not been shared with anyone yet...


"I have the distinct pleasure of unveiling and bringing to you..."

The Manifesto of Rights in Law and Bill of Containment


"We have a wonderful surprise for:

Doug Shulman,

Tim Geithner,

Don Donahue,

Ben Bernanke,

James Glover Roberts,

Eric Holder,

Barrack Obama,

Larry Thompson, and


Things are going to be changing! We are serving a warrant for the bonds of a slew of public officials at the FEDERAL level.

The warrant presents extensive finding of facts...The courts have been operating under The Military Law Venue. Under that 'color of law' they have committed the most heinous crimes and high crimes against mankind.

Phase II contains General Orders to the Armed Forces and a Claim and Registration of Title Establishing ownership by The Sovereign People of exact American geographical borders.

The FED can't access the 53 American Republic borders because the people now own all of the land within these geographical borders of America.

We're providing The Armed Forces a proper venue of operation. Currently they are operating outside of constitutional law. The constitution makes provision for a Navy only and an Army during wartime.

We will re-inhabit Federal Courts and arrest the bonds of the officers bringing the government back to a Republic.

There will also be arrests of certain other courts.

After the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and the Unanimous Declaration of Sovereign People of 2010 The Manifesto of Rights in Law & Bill of Containment is the Most Important Document in History! It stops the most evil of history's enemies, THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MEN. for over 400 years. It all stops right here tonight. Never again shall The People be converted into chattel of the State created by their ancestors.

Military draft is enslaving someone to commit murder! It forces a man to condemn himself. Public Officers can now be prosecuted for violations!

Supreme Court Decision Downs vs. Bidwell, 182 US244 circa 1901 is hereby repudiated and voided as being repugnant to the constitution.

Devious enslavement and injury of men and women brought on the land from the non-American Territories by our evil politicians, is at an end!

Governance of the territories shall be within constitutional limitations at all times. America can no longer rule the territories outside normal constitutional protection.

No judicial action shall be commenced or waged against a member of the Sovereign People. All such actions are instantly void and subject to abatement.

A corporation can no longer prosecute a Sovereign and there shall be no arrest of the property of the Sovereign!

Officials must prove their jurisdiction and state it clearly. No one can pull rules out of the hat any more. Equity is over! Two witnesses shall now be required to an injured party.

Police Enforcers will become Peace Officers only! No more incriminating yourself by stating your name or showing your ID, and no more false jurisdiction!

No more frivolous judicial warrants shall be issued. Their will be, There must be an imminent threat to life. Defects in a warrant render it instantly void. Property shall not be seized without ALL due process of law. No more trespass in your home or Vehicle. No more kicking down your doors, and officers can now be prosecuted for violations. You will be able to defend what is yours under the new Manifesto!


You must wait for this to become fully implemented in law!

Civil law shall be null and void as applied to the Sovereign People. No more actions AT law but actions IN law! Admiralty/Equity/Maritime/Commerce all end with respect to criminal prosecution! Admiralty/Maritime law shall be confined to the high seas and for military cases only. The Admiralty/Maritime nightmare is over! Maritime war flags in the courts will be replaced with an American flag.

No state license shall be required. Sovereign ID's will be issued.

There will be no civil rights prosecutions! This will get the U.S. Government out of your lives. The greatest violator of your rights is the United States! We are not going to let these institutions run rampant any more over people's rights.

Taxation matters may not be prosecuted! Each member may tithe at his or her own discretion. Imposing a tax on The Sovereign People shall comprise a high crime of piracy!

No man or woman shall be removed from their land and their property shall not be seized without all due process of law.

Judges must prove jurisdiction on the record or be immediately removed from the bench. Every man and woman shall be an attorney in law if appointed so by another.

All attorneys moving from AT law to IN law must take a new oath in open court to the people. No one shall be denied access to the De Jure Grand Jury. You will not have to cast witness against yourself again! Any Tort of the Sovereign People shall be honored at once.

Crimes against the U.S. will be limited. We are making the necessary corrections to the government to ensure Economic Warfare ends!

Each of the 24 Orders and Articles ends with the following statement:

The use of all necessary force to repel such unlawful action is recognized as a divine right of each member of The Sovereign People and without fear of prosecution or criminal liability... and is a confessed tort and the high crime of enticement into slavery for any one to prosecute such lawful invocation of the divine right of self preservation.

This Manifesto of Rights In Law and Bill of Containment corrects all the defects of the Constitution!

This manifesto will be transferred upon the officers of the UNITED STATES next week!

There will be dignity, there should be dignity, The Messiah would have it no other way! We cannot treat people less than men and women or we condemn ourselves to eternal damnation. We must rise above our instincts into a higher plain that was established when the Messiah came to this earth to absolve us.

Sam Kennedy


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

another rumormillnews post

Many of you may remember Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live. What many people don’t know is that Victoria Jackson is one of a very rare breed, a conservative in Hollywood.

The following video is rather tongue-in-cheek but Jackson makes some very compelling arguments. After viewing the video, you might also want to go to her website:

There’s A Communist Living In The White House

casper update

From U.P./D.C. the packs went to U.P./Atlanta. That was the second or third time they were moved yesterday, I forget.

This morning the G-20 ordered the packs back to D.C. from Atlanta where they resided until late today when the G-20 changed its mind and ordered them back out for delivery "immediately"---- whatever that means.

Obama's "give it to the Banks" SCAM, reported about extensively on the net, was replaced with the Obama "give it to the G-20" SCAM, i.e., hand our Country and all Program Monies over to World Government and call it a "Finance Reform Bill" on the heels of the Healthcare Takeover and the Immigration and Cap & Trade bills to follow. A complete and total sellout of our Country to the NWO by the Democrats and who's to say the Republicans wouldn't have done the same thing if in power with the Dems playing the opposition role. What are these people doing in OUR buildings?

Today several World Leaders advised Obama the 'jig is up', 'blocked on all fronts', time to give up and admit defeat and to pack. "Feet first" replied Obama. 'That may be', or words to that effect, WE hear, was the response.

After the Japanese Finance Minister and Merkle led or joined the chorus calling for the surrender of Obama the G-20 reversed itself, the packs went out and WE expect them tomorrow barring any 'you know what' (interference). Yea, yea, WE realize they were this, now that, up is down, black is white, the packs are in the packs are out, the World Court was on our side now its looks like they are headed for the Calaboose, etc, etc. . Things don't happen weekly friends, they happen hourly. Everyone everywhere is dancing on hot coals and would sell their grandmother for a way out. There is no way out for these animals and that's what 'the world' is telling this exceptionally terrible person occupying the Oval Office in service to the evil which is the Corporation and the Illuminati.

WE hear the death march being played; duum duum de dumm dumm de dum dum dum de dum. Jokes aside, imagine what Obama and his allies must be going through right now.

WE don't know what the 'paperwork' is going to say. What it had better say is 'stay the hell away from the Domestic Banks belonging to the Federal Reserve System'.

This updates hits "the high spots". The many many details and unmentioned difficulties will mean nothing to you if deliveries occur tomorrow as planned.

Now remember friends, it ain't over till the doorbell rings, the fat lady has nothing to do with it.

casper 4-27-10


Tuesday 27 April 2010 15:00




































THE REST IS HERE: http://www.worldreports.org/news/287_achtung_kommt_bald_dei_weimarrepubik_amerikas

Poof Refers to Obama's Speech of May 21, 2009 Regarding the Constitution at the National Archives

Found on rumormillnews

From Poof's April 25th post:
: How many know, the us went back under the constitution
: last year, when the pres stood in front of the doc,
: under glass, last spring...

Poof refers to Obama's speech at the National Archives on May 21, 2009.

The speech text is at this link:

And here are a few photos:

One disquieting item in the above photo is the gold fringe around the flag. Some insist this is an admiralty flag representing maritime law, while others reply it is mere decoration.


(Recall that during the 2008 campaign, Obama was seen with flags that included gold fringe as well as with flags that included no gold fringe. If a message were being sent through this, it was inconsistent at best.)


To view all of Daylife's May 21, 2009 photos of Obama at the National Archives regarding the Constitution:

On the same day, neocon Dick Cheney made a speech in opposition to Obama's policies. The photo below seems to be more like an answer to Obama's speech regarding the Constitution, but his expression may just be coincidental.

Poof update 04-25-10

Greetings and Salutations;

Let me see if I got this right, ok, you've borrowed more than you could ever hope to repay, more countries than the public knows, can't stand you. You've butchered their economies and stolen their natural resources in pursuit of your own 'greatness', and then have enough nerve to ask the world court to stop all this, so you can keep stealing, raping, and pillaging. What part of 'duh', don't you get? So more money wasted to gain a short term delay, I'm sure that makes sense somewhere in the twisted logic circuits. I just heard cheney saying one of his premier moments in government was when he told mr leahy to go do the impossible with himself.(?????) I've laid in some links that might give some clarity of what's afoot here. This country is going back to it's constitution, if you weren't guilty of something, it'd be no big deal. Been around this wheel way too many times, got t-shirts and ball caps. Apparently the wiser among the planet's leaders, think it is important for the american to understand the truth about the assemblage of this country, and clear the decks on the confusion. Can't proceed into the future, while looking back.

Way up from where we only see the outward manifestation thru ground activities, decisions have been made that effects all of us. How many people know that when you say goldman sachs, you are also saying the federal reserve bank(sic)? How many know how many of the too big to fails have already declared bankruptcy? How many know the new us treasury currency has been printed and in place since last march? How many know, the us went back under the constitution last year, when the pres stood in front of the doc, under glass, last spring. The world court knows this and advised all the patriots working on all of this, they'd have to wait until it was announced so they wouldn't be arrested when landing on a us tarmac. I feel like I'm in a time warp, maybe even 'ground hog day'.

To quote something I saw in a cartoon strip many years ago, "hold down newt, she's ararin' fer the barnyard" because, that best serves when giving a sense of what's going down right now. Everybody who's anybody, knows 'something' is changing tho they can't put it in proper context. Change, change, change but no control, but few even know where the hand holds are to help. This is a great manifestation of the the old chinese curse, 'may you live in interesting times'. One vip said a little bit ago, 'you will wake up one morning and find the world has changed'...rrruhoh! Not even that vip is calling the moment but is 'being ready' because it'll happen in the moment and they aren't putting it on the internet. Watch this thing where somebody is spouting out dates, they aren't at the big table, so they can only guess. Kind of like someone trying to nail down what a tornado is going to do. If the conditions are right, get low, that's what you do, or pray alot, and hope you survive the thing.

in·scru·ta·ble    [in-skroo-tuh-buhl]
incapable of being investigated, analyzed, or scrutinized; impenetrable.
not easily understood; mysterious; unfathomable: an inscrutable smile.
incapable of being seen through physically; physically impenetrable: the inscrutable depths of the ocean.

Imagine a group of people, whose self interest is all of mankind's self interest. This thought automatically, starts the paradigms to flexing in the old cranium, an 'impossibility' perhaps? Yea well it's hard to explain something that's never happened before, especially after being told what we've been told. Kinda hard going where no one has gone before.

I rest my case, no one is going to hell in a hand basket tho it looks like it. The world isn't blowing up, tho it looks like it. If you're devout, I suggest you stay there, it'll get you thru what is happening here. Practice taking deep breaths because there's nothing to compare this with. Instead of wasting your time telling me to shut up, hit delete or ignore me. You can vent as you choose but that doesn't effect me or my purpose. Whether anyone reads a word I write, the roof is ripping off the top of this game anyhow. Vegas has been raided now, look for the chips to fall and where they fall. God does have opinions whether organized religion gives that up or not. Really torqued off some hindus with that one...nothingness having an opinion?? Hey, the very fact you've said 'nothingness', connotes somethingness. Catch 22.

I'd like to say more, hell I even thought about writing a book. There are still myriads of interconnected things a part of all this change, it would be sadly missing important data. Then there's the issue of it needing to be written as fiction because it would be too hard to write as fact. The powers aren't interest in getting on the front page of anything, they just want the 'wrong' set straight, for the planetary whole. Novel idea, don't you think? Donations needed and accepted at www.paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net Consultations available upon request, just ask. May your future's be grand and adventurous.

Love and Kisses,







alcuin's latest blog

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Death throes of Nazi-continuum faction of Western secret government now evident. Thule Society, Skull & Bones, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Freemasons, Jesuits, House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate and Kissinger-Bush syndicate in end-time chaos. Leading members of Washington DC private corporation, US Military and European Royal Families handed subpoenas by international judicial authorities. Rats fighting in sack. Epicentres of élite takedown are Rome, London, Washington and Ottawa.
A manufactured civil war in the US followed by imposition of martial law is the last dying tactic of the constitutionally illegal Washington DC private corporation after Henry Kissinger and ex-President Bill Clinton failed to get survival money from Japanese organised crime gangs in April 2010. In Japan, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is expected to be replaced by Finance Minister, Naoto Kan, by the end of May 2010. The announcement of the new gold-backed global financial system and universal debt forgiveness is imminent. The Nazi-continuum dead wood is being cleared away in Europe and North America.


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To be fair, you can PINK SLIP A REPUBLICAN TOO! They caused the problems as much as the Democrats, some even think more.
Half the money goes to the Dad's legal council to fight in court the group that protested at his sons funeral. Here is the video. His son is a fallen Marine. I actually know of this jerk so called preacher from Topeka, Kansas whose church picketed a funeral. That's right a funeral. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Y5Qo-ncY4&feature=player_embedded
See the PINK SLIP address below.

Ben Fulford's latest


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis100426: Illuminati headed for civil war or revolution, Kissinger rebuffed in Japan, Obama rebuffed in Iran

There are numerous signs of severe discord within the European and North American secret governments these days. What we seem to be witnessing is the very dangerous death throes of the Nazi faction of the Western secret government. They have launched a desperate counter-attack over the past week in order to prevent the implementation of the new financial system. This counter-attack has been triggered because most members of the Washington establishment, top pentagon brass and members of European Royal Families have all been handed subpoenas by judicial authorities in recent days, according to a member of the British Royal family and an opposition source in the US.

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sat night recorded call, 4.24.10, on Radio Free America with Rod Class on Talkshoe...

If you want a crash course on how We The People were derailed by the Federal Government, then this is a good starting point.
The Four Basic Docs link is later on in this message.

Topics discussed: The 14th Amendment, the 11th Amendment, Judicial Power, How to act in court and how to file documents into court, the U.S. Attorney's Manual (USC Title 4), our corporate "charter' (our last name) (or more accurately, their assumption that our "last name" is a Federal corporate "charter" interlocking us to their corporate paradigm), etc., etc., etc. This recording will help you comprehend the labyrinthian paradigm that has been built up (by them) and surrounds us, AND, how to possibly deal with it - BUT, remember, some (read, most) members of the Fed Gov. Do NOT act in Our best interests and there are NO "silver bullets" that will neutralize these perps... experimentation is the key !

Asking The Judge 3 Basic Questions...

I referred to this tactic / gambit on the call...It's the seventh video down at the link below...labeled as Beating Civil Traffic Tickets Part 3 - Fair Trial. It doesn't work ALL the time, but it may work for you...depends how many other people are in the court room / hearing room, because they don't want other people hearing these questions / arguments.

Marc Stevens Adventures in Legal Land video...part of a post at GLP...

His site: http://marcstevens.net/

The link to Rod's Four Basic Documents...
The docs are at the bottom of the above post...
By the way. Rod is working on an 11th Issue (the yellow/gold fringed flag) to be added to the Judicial Notice. It will be available soon ! ALL documents used at your own risk !

The link to Rod's most recent filing into the Coast Guard Court...




P.S. You may want to forward this to others. And, here's the info on getting on the big list -
if you're not already on it and getting this as a forward !

For those of you who get these as "forwarded" emails...
If you got this email as a forward and aren't on the automated update email list, and want to be on the list...

To join the automated update list send an email to:


Two other sites of interest: The master site: http://rayservers.com/blog/rodney-class-vs-us

...by the way that whole site is a wealth of movement info http://rayservers.com
and Mac's site... http://privateattorneygeneral.ning.com

Admiralty law

Heartwarming Dog Video

Restore America Plan - Sam Kennedy Juror Comments

"At the request of a number of jurors, grand jury procedure will receive special attention during the broadcast. The amount of perilous misinformation seems to be increasing daily such that jurors are likely to find themselves in serious jeopardy if they don;t remain true to the Plan, in my opinion as author of the Declaration. As many of you understand better than some of your leaders, YOU DID NOT JOIN THE GRAND JURIES TO BECOME LAWYERS AND CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERTS. That’s the sort of chasing-your-tail diversion U.S. Inc. has been using against you for years to distract you from the Lord and the enjoyment of life. Aren't you tired of becoming jailhouse lawyers? Be very careful about getting addicted at the expense of your families. Let the law serve you for a change, as it was intended.

YOU DID NOT JOIN THE GUARDIANS TO LEARN CORPORATE STATUTES, RULES OF EVIDENCE, GRAND JURY PROCEDURES and all the other false idols which exist to block your remedy and divert you to worshipping earthly kings.
The LAST place we would look for insight into a true grand jury is the incorporated de facto bar association mafia counsel masquerading as a grand jury for the purpose of stealing you blind. Why would we ever wish to emulate those monstrosities?

WE DO NOT WISH TO EMULATE DE FACTO GRAND JURIES OR COUNTY WE DO NOT WISH TO EMULATE DE FACTO GRAND JURIES OR COUNTY ASSEMBLIES. I will discuss this topic in detail on the broadcast. Jurors will want to listen carefully. It is my goal to ensure that every one of you enjoys your remedy and also remains safe. THE KEY IS TO UNLEARN THE BRAINWASHING, RATHER THAN RELEARN IT. That has always been our goal from the day I put pen to paper.

JURORS MUST AVOID GETTING SEDUCED BY PROCESS AND BECOMING THE VERY BEAST THEY HAVE GROWN TO DESPISE. While I can't possibly bring you up to speed on our months of private negotiations and discussions, I can tell you with certainty that the founding Elders did NOT intend to create a permanent fourth branch of government."


NSA domestic electronic surveillance targeted everyone
by Wayne Madsen
[color enhanced excerpts]
WMR has learned from U.S. intelligence sources that the Justice Department's Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP), the warrantless domestic wiretapping program largely conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA), was a mere bureaucratic contrivance developed by the Justice Department to legally cover the NSA from constitutional oversight hearings by Congress and law suit actions from telecommunication customers over what amounted to total surveillance of the American people.
The NSA operation, code named STELLAR WIND, and known only to a few top officials in the Bush administration, targeted massive collected digital databases of phone calls, emails, faxes, pages, and other digital communications. The data, known as meta-data, was searched by NSA signals intelligence analysts for key words and phrases using a Google-like search engine.
The STELLAR WIND program was overseen by Vice President Dick Cheney's chief counsel David Addington. In a new twist, intelligence sources report that the plans for STELLAR WIND were put into place long before the 9/11 attacks. Qwest chairman Joseph Nacchio claimed that he and his firm were pressured by NSA six months prior to 9/11 to participate in a program to conduct warrantless surveillance of Qwest customers. Nacchio and Qwest believed the program was illegal and demanded court warrants. Nacchio was later indicted and convicted for insider trading, a move Qwest sources claim was government retaliation for Nacchio's refusal to participate in the wiretapping program. It is now been revealed to WMR that the program in question was, in fact, STELLAR WIND.
View full EXPLOSIVE report
In closing, be sure to click on this youtube video, which exposes a FEMA official for calling our Founding Fathers fighting for our freedoms "terrorists"! (Video below)

This individual needs to be identified and removed from American soil immediately.
Bowling for Patriots
Keith Johnson
April 23, 2010
[color enhanced excerpt]
...In 2001, months prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center, a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) representative addressed a group of local Oklahoma police officers in a classroom setting and asked them “Who was the first terrorist organization in the United States?”
Several of those in the room responded with “The Founding Fathers.”
“The Founding Fathers? You mean, Thomas Jefferson? You mean, George Washington? You mean, Paul Revere?”
“Oh, yes!…Oh, yes!…Oh, yes!” was the reply from the officers as each name was called out.
The FEMA representative went on to characterize the founders as violent extremists, terrorists and assassins and went on to say
The guys we call our Founding Fathers—George Washington, Mr. Honest who cut down the cherry tree—is the same guy who signed death warrants of the British government, of the British Crown, who they wanted to eliminate because they had influence in certain pockets of the United States (at that time the 13 colonies) and they wanted to divide and conquer.”

see this video from that FEMA meeting:



Casper's Response to Story

Casper's Response to Story's latest accusations hurled at Casper, Wendy and WE.
This fellow appears to be a 'nut-case'.
First, 'WE' are named after Cheney's hometown.
Now 'WE' are the 'gobbledygook's in his current post.
If there remains any doubt about this man's inability to reason, or to learn what the truth is about 'OUR BUSINESS', this should settle the issue once and for all.
He is someone's 'attack dog' and little more.

Which would you rather have friends, truth as it unfolds daily from an 'anonymous source' or volumes of incorrect and 'stale' "news" from an identifiable source?
Why do you suppose he went silent on Feb. 12th regarding 'our business' and only within the past week has again decided to step forward with still more incorrect and 'stale' "news"? My guess is because he either determined, or someone helped him determine, that he was regularly posting garbage vies a' vie 'our business' so he 'went silent'. . His attention went to the SEC lawsuit and his attempts to assist Cottrell to obtain his 6.2T "line item" disbursement with no mention of our business for two months. OR, in the alternative, perhaps his utterly corrupt 'handler', her Ladyship the Queen, ordered him to stand down while she attempted one last round of scams in cooperation with the D.C. Cabal?
Since the day Story 'jumped into' our business 3 or so years ago he has very seldom had anything worth while to say about our business. I personally read everything he says, with interest, just to be sure WE have not missed something and there have been occasions, rare occasions, when that has happened but mostly I read his stuff to see what he has to say about 'world events'. WE do not, as a rule, try to analyze such events ourselves at least not for inclusion in our updates. WE think we are not well informed enough to do so. As WE pointed out a year or two ago Story has "cemented" certain 'understandings' (actually 'lack' of understandings) into his head and IMO not even a wrecking ball could ever break his CLOSED MIND free to learn anything new. Continuing to refer to Program Recipients as 'Ponzi Victims' is an example. Believing her Ladyship to be a 'victim' is another. Wanta was yet another which required years for him to 'figure out'. Gratuitously attacking Wendy, WE and Casper is still another, assigning first one and then another silly, childish and INCORRECT identification to us. What do you suppose motivates him to do this every so often? Well, WE will guess again the very same guess WE proffered the last time his mouth began 'foaming'. Story, by his own admission, intends to write one or more books and offer them FOR SALE. OUR updates stand in direct opposition to his "Storyline" and have since day one. He is well aware our updates go worldwide by e-mail and are closely followed by important people. There is no way for him to reconcile the storyline he has been peddling with the altogether different Intel coming from US and many other 'messengers'. He is apparently determined to "SELL" the 'understandings' "CEMENTED" into his head no matter how bogus they are so he struggles mightily against those items and people and sources which dare to disagree with his 'understandings' of 'our business' which he has put forth already and intends to put forth further in his Book(s). WE said before, WE say again, unless he finds and uses something which melts the cement surrounding his brain you should shop for his book(s) in the Comic Book area of the stores. He has never known much about 'our business' and he continues to prove that everytime 'he goes there'. His mind is filled with incorrect understandings.
Why not go ahead and mention here, as another example of his misunderstandings and the "staleness" of his Intel that all the "buyoffs" mentioned in his last couple of updates, as he again "jumps into" our business are Bull_shit. Whether his description of Bidens buyoff of the nations attending the Nuclear Summit or our funds to the Banks, he is describing failed attempts to do this or that two weeks ago. His reference to "our taxes" and his estimate of what they are (%) again shows that he knows nothing at all about our business. First we are Ponzi Victims, then we owe taxes. He can't get his own Intel straightened out inside his head never mind the actual truth of things. (there are several other examples in his last two updates, I just don't have the time, the desire or the patience to re-read his verbose misunderstandings again to pull them out). None of what he says has happened. Our funds are locked down and the best efforts of mice and men can't get at them. The 'attempts' are true, the attempts to 'cut deals' with 'if come money' from our accounts by Obama AND THE QUEEN and all the 'major players' is true, their FAILURE seems to have escaped his attention even two weeks after the fact. By the way, Paulson was not shot dead and Storys Intel saying the Polish Prime Minister was shot dead is circumspect and is being denied by our sources ---although WE are not taking a position on this matter ourselves because it is not 'our business' or where our expertise lies. And finally, Story has had many years to get beyond his 'cemented' mindset of falsehoods and has failed to do so. Is it because he is "dense" or is it because his 'job' is to SELL now and later a storyline favorable to his Queen? WE really don't think him dense, blind perhaps but not dense.
Having advised RMN reader "DD" earlier today that WE have no association or contact with Cheney let us now deny WE have any association with this latest LIE coming from Story.
He appears to be someone's attack dog? Who do suppose is his 'handler'?
casper 4-24-10
p.s. On the business front the big dogs are continuing to fight over the bones. Last WE heard (today) they have been advised to eat worms instead.