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Sunday, May 23, 2010

examiner.com: Obama has his jack-boot on the throat of America

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                      Date: Sunday, 23-May-2010 06:54:06
Obama has his jack-boot on the throat of America
Consistently, persistently, and incessantly Obama and this Administration have shown they have no regard whatsoever for the will of the citizens. Thus, Obama has his 'jack-boot' on the throat of America.
(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin). Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.
From the stimulus bill to the Wall Street bailout, from the ObamaCare bill to the massive energy tax known as 'cap and trade,' this regime has shown that it will defy the values, the beliefs, the political views, and the wishes of ordinary citizens across the land who have shown time and again that they oppose these programs by overwhelming majorities.
No greater example of the oppressive nature of the Obama regime can be found than their stance on the Arizona illegal alien law and U.S. law which mandates that the federal government secure the borders and enforce immigration law.
After 25 years of failing to adhere to the law, looking the other way as law-breakers invade this nation from the southern border, and engaging in sickening pandering to illegals for political gain, the federal government has demonstrated that it has no intention of following the law.
Arizona is reaping the consequences of this abject failure.
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