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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obama found guilty of fraud and sedition



Have YOU heard one WORD about this????


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jim Higginbotham

Barack Hussein Obama: Verdict – *Guilty of Fraud & Sedition!* *
Verdict – Guilty of Fraud & Sedition

Dear Friends,

The Harlem New York jury deliberated for over 3 hrs. until they came up with
the verdict. The defendants Barack Hussein Obama & Columbia Univ. were FOUND
GUILTY ON ALL charges. The charges include "mail fraud," "wire fraud,"
"obstruction of justice," & "sedition." Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been found
guilty of the greatest FRAUD in election history.

Therefore, as of today, the judgment, reputation & credibility of many
Journalists, & politicians, have been irrevocably destroyed. The MYTHS
planted by Barack HUSSEIN Obama have been destroyed. Barack Hussein Obama
NOW has a great deal of explaining to do about who he is, where he came
from, & why he is using another person’s SSN. The trial, the evidence, & the
guilty verdict, PROVE that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT who he claims to be,
& that it is NOT LIKELY for the GREATEST FRAUD in election history to stand
much longer.

TWO independent investigations using 2 different data sources, discovered
that the SSN used by Barack HUSSEIN Obama mysteriously coincides with SSNs
verified to have been Issued by the state of Connecticut between 1977 &
1979, a full 2 yrs. AFTER Obama’s 1st, publicly-documented record of
employment at a Hawaii Baskin-Robbins back in 1975. The no. that Barack
HUSSEIN Obama is NOW using, as he impersonates the U.S. Pres., was
originally issued to a man long deceased, who would now be OVER 120 yrs.
old, if he were still alive.

Those who still possess critical thinking skills have insisted that
something in Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s records of his life before becoming U.S.
Senator from Illinois, stinks to High Heaven. Those who dare to raise any
question regarding this FRAUD have been viciously attacked by so-called
journalists, politicians, pundits & Obama’s base, as racists. RACISTS??? You
become a racist by questioning FRAUD, which puts the ENTIRE WORLD in danger
of destruction? Some who dared question, like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, even
face Career-ending persecution, & court-martial, as a result. Some like Lt.
Quarl Harris have been MURDERED.

In the end it will not matter if Barack HUSSEIN Obama stonewalls, if the AP
& UPI ignores the story, or if Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, & Rush Limbaugh
Wishes it would go away. The trial of the century has PROVED that the
smoking gun pointing to Obama’s illegitimacy will NOT go away.

Too bad for the Bill O'Reillys, Glenn Becks, & Rush Limbaughs, who are
employed by the prince of the power of the air. Too bad for U.S. Senators &
Representatives, *IF, & it is a BIG IF,* if there ever is another general

The evidence brought forth in the trial & GUILTY verdict has uncovered, & is
unraveling, the GREATEST ELECTION FRAUD in history, & ranks High on the list
of all time Crimes, Frauds, & Conspiracies. The FACTS of Barack HUSSEIN
Obama's PHONY Columbia Univ. political science Degree, the use of 39
DIFFERENT SSNs, & FORGED Selective Service registration, simply will not be
wished away.


1 - Those who dismissed Barack Hussein Obama's Eligibility Impossibility &
made light of the Constitution al question as either an irrelevant or
unimportant issue.

2 - Those who said the election decided the issue.

3 - Those who said Barack Hussein Obama had been vetted.

4 - Those who said the people who said it is NOT a GREAT CONSTITUTIONAL
CRISIS for Barrack Hussein Obama to Occupy The White House.

5 - Those who said the soldiers who were questioning Barack Hussein Obama's
authority to give any order as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Military were
somehow wrong.

6 - Those who said it was racist to question Barack Hussein Obama's
ELIGIBILITY to be President.

7 - Those who used the BIRTHER term to denigrate anyone who understood the
ROOT problems with Barack Hussein Obama had NOTHING to do with RACE, but
rather had everything to do with his Mother being under age, his father NOT
being & American, & the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is one of the
greatest criminal liars & frauds of all history.

Barack Hussein Obama has now been PROVEN to have committed the Crime of
identity theft, & used that crime to FRAUDULENTLY USURP The office of Pres.
of the United States. The trial, prosecuted by Dr. James David Manning, also
proved Barack HUSSEIN *Obama could NOT pull something like this off ALONE,
meaning PROVEN CONSPIRACY, & SEDITION. The implications become obvious that
not only is Obama guilty, but everyone in the mainstream media who refused
to raise & properly Address the so-called BIRTHER issue. Obviously, the Bush
family, & the Clinton family, were in on the FRAUD. The U.S. Supreme Court
was in on the FRAUD. The U.S. House & Senate were in on the FRAUD. The big
question is how many in the U.S. Military leadership were involved with the
FRAUD. & the most important question of - What will the U.S. Military do
about this FRAUD? Will the U.S. Military blindly follow order s from such a

Columbia Univ. was paid to give a degree to Barack Hussein Obama. The Harlem
Trial, May 14-19, prosecuted by Dr. James David Manning PROVED "beyond any
reasonable doubt" that Barack Hussein Obama, though he obtained a FRAUDULENT
degree from Columbia Univ., which allowed him to enter Harvard Law School,
NEVER DID ATTEND Columbia Univ. Wayne Allyn Root was valedictorian of the
Columbia Univ. class of '83 of which Barack Hussein Obama FRAUDULENTLY
claimed he was part. On May 17, 2010 Root wrote: All I can testify to is
that I was a member of the Class of ’83- just like Obama. & that I was pre
Law & a political science major- just like Obama. It was a small class-
about 700 students. Political science majors would be an even smaller group.
Therefore it struck me… & many others… as strange that I never met Obama at
college, never saw him, never even heard of him in my time at Columbia &
that more importantly, I don’t know any classmate to this day who ever met
or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Obama or Barry Soetoro.
Even stranger still, the Wall St. Journal reported in its editorial pages
back in 2008 that Fox News called 400 of my classmates & they could not find
1 student who had ever met Obama at Columbia. Adding to the mystery is the
fact that Pres. Obama has sealed all of his college records at Occidental &
Columbia. All of this should be troubling to every American, no matter what
your political beliefs.

Barack Hussein Obama has obviously gotten help in forging documents &
forming the proven conspiracy from within the dept. Health & Human Services,
the SS Admin., & other U.S. federal govt. agencies. Will Barack Hussein
Obama's co-conspirators be tracked down, arrested, tried?

The Military has plausible deniability for complicity in the allowing the
FRAUD-IN-CHIEF to occupy the Whitehouse. The trial of the century gives the
U.S. Military the opportunity to either be FAITHFUL OR DERELICT in their
oath of service. What will the U.S. Military DO? That remains the BIG
QUESTION however thanks to the prosecution of the trial of the century by
Dr. James David Manning, the U.S. Military has been given reason to have a
peaceful removal of the FRAUD-IN-CHIEF. Failing that, this whole world
better get prepared for unprecedented events that will even *cause men's
hearts to be failing them for fear, & for looking after those things which
are coming on the earth:*IF the U.S. Military follows the commands & orders

It is very definitely TIME to PRAY & seek to find the grace of God evidenced
in PERSONAL repentance. Lord willing, the best record of the proceedings of
the trial provided by Steve Cooper will be sent out later today. Also a
short audio summary of the trial from American Grand Jury’s Bob Campbell
will be available at this link –

http://gjigt-radio.com/ podcast/audio/TRIALagjWrapUP.



*Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is
wholly inadequate for the government of any other. *
--John Adams
* *

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