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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Examiner: Obama Pretends To Compromise On Immigration

from rmn

Posted By: Lion
Date: Wednesday, 26-May-2010 09:32:34

Like most of what comes from Pennsylvania Ave, the 1200 NG troops at the border is mostly hype - a show that in reality boils down to just words. No surprise. Look at the source.

I would also caution that when the time comes, and this administration gets serious about sending troops to the border, the people of Arizona can count on National Guard weapons being pointed at them - not illegal aliens.

"Since you cannot dazzle them with brilliance - baffle them with bull****!"



In a feeble attempt to convince the American people that he has dealt with border security (as a precursor to amnesty), Obama has taken a page out of the Bush playbook and agreed to send 1,200 National Guard troops (which is actually just a few hundred, since they operate in rotating shifts) to the Mexican border.

The troops will be jockeying desks nowhere near the border and have zero impact on anything...other than to provide political cover for an administration that insists on putting Latino votes ahead of public safety, the economy and the rule of law.

And the moment they are no longer politically necessary, these troops will once again be removed, just as they were under Bush, and nothing will be better.

Newsflash: Fences work.

It's why Arizona is getting bombarded with illegal immigrants right now--other major border crossings have been shut down by fences. It really isn't rocket science.

The border should be treated as unsecured until there is at least one continuous fence stretching across the entire thing.

And if liberals insist on peddling this nonsense about enforcement being impractical, we should form an army of captured illegal immigrants and Americans on unemployment to build the thing at virtually no cost.

Or, since defending the border is one of the few things the Federal Government is actually supposed to be doing under the Constitution, the money could be taken from any of the hundreds of government programs that are strictly forbidden under the 10th Amendment.

(end snip)


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