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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gentlemen and gentle ladies- this is going to be one mind blowing week.

Submitted by BK --- Thanks from nesaranews

The following appeared on Walter Francis Pitzpatrick, III's Jaghunter website:

Helen Tansey with a tease…Monday, 24 May 2010

SOETORO-OBAMA just fired former Navy Admiral Dennis Blair from his post as National Security Adviser (er…that is…I mean Blair resigned)

Gentlemen and gentle ladies- this is going to be one mind blowing week. fasten your seat belts because America is getting ready to go for one helluva ride. I am privy to a series of stories coming out of Chicago this week that will effectively wake up the masses. If this doesn’t do it nothing will. I will cross post the articles once I’ve been told the terms.
Until such time, I encourage you to read why
Admiral Dennis C. Blair was really fired by Obama.
Visit The T-Room at www.t-room.us It’s the lead story in theDaily Specials section written by Christopher Story at World Reports.

Helen C. Tansey
The T-Room

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