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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prosperity Packages --- Donations Rules

from nesaranews

Rec'd from a Program Participant:


You must donate 200 million to individuals only within 30 days from the time the NONDISCLOSURE [ND] expires.

This list must be given to the bank that you open your account or accounts with for them to send out the checks. These are the following guidelines that I can recall at this time:

1 - To individuals only. No societies, churches, or groups.
2 - Individuals must be 21 years of age or older.
3 - The minimum per person is half a million.
4 - The maximum per person is ten million.
5 - None of the people can be in our program.
6 - Cannot be sent to a P.O. Box or a Mailbox Plus type address. Must
be an on-sight address.
7 - These people must show photo ID.
8 - These people can be located anywhere in the world.
9 - This list must be given to your bank where you opened your
account or accounts so the above can be accomplished within

30 days from the time the ND is expired.... I am told you could lose
the rest of your funds if this is not accomplished.

10 - There is also supposed to be a list of projects worldwide in our packs.
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