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Sunday, May 23, 2010


from RMN:

                            Posted By: Never_Surrender <Send E-Mail>
                            Date: Saturday, 22-May-2010 23:09:18
President Obama made some interesting remarks during a speech he made at West Point today.
"The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times,'" He said.

Obama has spoken frequently about shaping new alliances with the world, and of attempts to repair the U.S. image abroad after nearly a decade in which Bush's approach was viewed with suspicion in many quarters. In his commencement speech to the graduates, the president emphasized his beliefs in those alliances.
"Yes, we are clear-eyed about the shortfalls of our international system. But America has not succeeded by stepping outside the currents of international cooperation," he said. "We have succeeded by steering those currents in the direction of liberty and justice -- so nations thrive by meeting their responsibilities, and face consequences when they don't."
That almost sounds like a veiled threat against America that we will tow the line or else face the consequences!!
Also ...
He said the country must always pursue what he called the "universal rights" rooted in the Constitution.
"We will promote these values above all by living them -- through our fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution, even when it's hard; and through our commitment to forever pursue a more perfect union," he said.
Here we see two more very coded statements....
"fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution" and
"a more perfect union"
I have written about the "MORE PERFECT UNION" and Obama before.... It is linked here....
and part two:

But in checking for the coded reference to "fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution"...
I found it VERY interesting that I found the same exact statement had been made ALSO at WEST POINT in 2007.
Obama goes to WEST POINT - gives a COMMENCEMENT SPEECH and says the words - "fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution"
IN 2007 someone else gives a COMMENCEMENT SPEECH at WEST POINT and uses the exact words "fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution"
Guess who it was? Elena Kagan, Obama's new Supreme Court nominee!!

"General Kagan clearly is able to see both the founders' genius and their flaws. In a powerful speech of her own delivered in 2007 at West Point, then-Dean Kagan spoke to the cadets about the Constitution and the rule of law.
Kagan explained that in a bold break from all prior world and military history, our 1787 founders demanded in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution that military officers and every other government official swear loyalty not to a General or a President, but to the Constitution.
fidelity to the Constitution and the rule of law "the foundation stone of our society," and she gave powerful examples of what fidelity to the Constitution and the law entails.
Sonia Sotomayor, Obama's other Supreme Court Nominee, also pledged "fidelity to the law".
Here is a bunch more about this topic... these are mostly pages explaining this concept.
I can break it down into a few, easy to understand words for you... they are trying to CHANGE things.... One thing is the Constitution... the WAY it is interpreted and applied. I also covered this in the link above where I talked about Obama's obsessive use of the words "PERFECTING OUR UNION."
Several of the links in the above search explain this to you in great detail.... here is one link that I was looking through...
Now... onto these words that he also used in the speech... "A NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER"
Here is an article saying that Kissinger is also in line with this New International Order AND that he thinks that Obama will bring it!!.
Kissinger: Obama primed to create 'New World Order'

Here is an excellent article that points out what the different sides in this world debate think....
Rising powers do not want to play by the west's rules

Here is an article about another group trying to form a New Order -
Rising World Powers Align
"The coalition of major developing nations known as BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) continues to pull closer together while becoming more alienated from the United States. The Obama administration has made constant pushes to limit BASIC’s economic growth in an effort to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. However, the agenda of BASIC at the United Nations has been to pressure the industrialized nations (America, Europe, Japan) to commit to ambitious cuts in emissions while staying free of any restrictions on their own activities. They have also demanded technical and financial support to speed the transfer of production capabilities from the West to the Third World.
The three core members of BASIC are also part of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China.) The BRIC group met in Brasilia on April 14-16 to draw up a common plan for a “new international order” to be presented at the G20 meeting in June. The BRIC nations account for 42% of the world’s population but only 15% of the world’s gross domestic product. Promoting economic growth to improve per capita incomes and living standards is their top priority, but they believe they will need greater political clout in world affairs to gain the wealth they seek."
There is a "NEW ORDER" coming... but what will it be based on?
I will have some answers to that in the next post.
I am not coming to you here with an opinion about whether this "NEW ORDER" is "GOOD" or "BAD". I have not had and do not have the time to try to ascertain those facts.
I am simply bringing you the facts of what is going on in our world, right now today... for you to look over and form your own judgments whether it is good or bad.
If all news outlets worked that way, what a different world we would live in.

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