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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New "Restore the Republic" film released

Well, some "news" is getting out there:

New Film Poised to Sweep the Nation: 39 Cities Draw the Line
By Angie Ress Staff Writer - RestoreTheRepublic.com

In a stunning show of discontent for the state of the union, the latest film project from filmmakers William Lewis and Gary Franchi is stirring up support from coast to coast. Only 8 days after the official release, 39 cities have registered locations to host film screenings of "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" on the National Simul-Screening day, June 26th.

In an interview with writer/producer Franchi, he stated, "It reminds me when I was working with Aaron Russo and the support his film received when it was released."

Aaron Russo was the Hollywood producer whose final film, "America: Freedom to Fascism" examined the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the growing police state in America. Russo passed away due to cancer in August of 2007.

Writer/Director Lewis added candidly, "people are opening up their homes, renting theaters, and securing rooms in libraries and halls all over the country."

Franchi chimed in, "and that's just the publicly listed screenings, over 60 private screening locations have registered, as well!"

When asked why the film is receiving such attention, Lewis remarked, "The people have had enough. They are looking for solutions and we give the solutions in this film."

When pressed about specifics, veteran documentarian Lewis stated, "The last amendment of the Bill of Rights lays out one part of the plan and the 2nd Amendment the other. We present, for the first time on film, key state resolutions working their way through various state houses that the viewer will be educated on and we hope will support, but that is just the beginning."

Lewis was referring to new legislation introduced by State Representative Charles Key that gives the 10th Amendment new teeth.

"We need to see 200 public screenings organized. The message of this film needs to be seen and the people need to act on it. Time is short because, at the rate Washington is passing legislation and taxing the people to death, we will not be the same nation in 5 years" Franchi stated with patriotic fervor.

Franchi was one of the speakers at this year's Tea Party Rally in Chicago's Daley Plaza and hosts the popular online webcast the Reality Report. He is also the National Director of RestoreTheRepublic.com.

In addition to screening "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" the filmmakers have created screener packs for organizers who wish to offset the expenses of hosting their screening. The packs are available on DVD in sets of 6 or 10 at a reduced price so organizers can resell them. Screener packs are available at: http://www.donttreadonmemovie.com/screener-copy.html

"If you buy a copy you can burn as many DVDs as you like, please spread the message of this film," said Franchi, "The Republic is counting on you."

To find a screening location near you please visit:

To register your screening location and receive a free movie poster and signed release download visit:

To order your screener pack visit:

For movie trailers and to order your individual DVD visit:

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