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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


from RMN

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 12-May-2010 12:59:15


Hi, Folks -

Received from Wendy via e-mail - discernment is advised:


Last night the "trigger packs", once again out for delivery, were returned to D.C. to have something added or attached to the packs. Upon arrival in D.C. they were confiscated by Geithner and hidden in Treasury. They were 'forcibly' removed from Treasury this morning but their departure from D.C. via BRINKS is being blocked by orders of OBAMA. The planes are not being allowed to take off. Brinks says they are not able to take on the Federal Government in Court. 'The good guys' have again taken possession of the packs but can't get them delivered.

OBAMA continues to tell the entire world that the funds, all the funds, belong to him personally and he will never ever allow the people to receive them. He says he is in possession of documents signed by every recipient signing all funds over to him, FORGED DOCUMENTS as previously reported. He is joined in these current actions by the House, The Senate, The Judiciary, Geithner, The Queen, Merkle and Sarkozy. He has told all the Countries awaiting their funds immediately after us that they will never receive, that their funds also belong to him. He has told them and the IMF as well that they will accept the additional trillions of FIAT from the FED or they can all go under, whichever they choose. He has threatened Russia, China, Japan and all the other Countries saying he is the boss, he is the 'SuperPower' and all will do as he says-or else.

OBAMA has been told repeatedly he will never be able to access the metals backed funds belonging to the people, the Countries and the world. Trade attempts continue to be blocked. He has stripped HLS of all funds available there, also all funds from Medicare, Social Security, IRS and Treasury. He has again threatened any recipient receiving a package with 'confiscation' (and more). As reported previously the man is literally INSANE.

All of these goings on have been presented to various major 'mainstream media'. None will 'run with it' as some have been bought and others follow the owners orders who are part of the Cabal. Recall that the "Suitcase" was delivered to Glenn Beck only to be returned when he received orders from Murdock that he could not run with it. FOX NEWS continues to refuse to air what is happening. Some reporters who are asking questions have been told to "dig a hole, get in it and to pull the dirt in on top of them".

WE raised this question some weeks ago. Are we collectively willing to go to D.C., perhaps in buses, to pick up our packages, perhaps with the camera's rolling? Think about this, discuss it among yourselves.

Whether 10B more for Fannnie as announced last week or one T more for Europe at U.S. taxpayer expense as announced Monday, Obama is saying to you and to the world that his completely Fraudulent Financial Ponzi Playpen, run with money 'from thin air', will continue until the world collapses and to hell with the consequences, all that matters to him is to preserve himself in power and to stop the new Banking System and the Exposures.

casper 5-12-10

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