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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alcuin and Flutterby 05-18-10

again I encourage you to go to his website to get the full info from his blog...Heart

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Aliens vs the US - The Tau 9 Treaty
Is the US BlackOps military-industrial establishment about to lose control of the Ganesh Particle? This mysterious singularity is said to be the key to opening the most powerful force in creation. The Ganesh Particle is the seed of life. It has the capacity to heal damaged human cells, including those deliberately subverted by cancer, AIDS and Morgellons.

The first nation that deploys space-based solar technology will dominate the world energy market for generations to come
First proposed by Peter Edward Glaser in 1968, space-based solar technology can provide an inexhaustible, safe, pollution-free supply of energy. It offers a far more logical solution to current energy problems than petroleum, ethanol-based or nuclear-fueled hydrogen systems. The technology currently exists to launch solar-collector satellites into geostationary orbits around the Earth. They can convert the Sun’s radiant energy into electricity 24 hours a day and safely transmit the electricity by microwave beams to rectifying antennas on the land surface. Research background here and here (pdf - 71 pages).

Blinding glimpse of the obvious: 'If the Euro collapses, so will the idea of European Union.' German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks plainly about the failure of the EuroSoviet project.
The unaudited Ponzi Scheme which is called the European Union prepares for naked death. We are watching a slow-motion train wreck. The Brussels EuroSoviet and the US Federal Reserve Board are both collapsing like time-lapse cartoon creations. Global background here (17.05.01). European background here (02.05.10).

Euro vs Gold - July 2009 to May 2010 (chart)

All major informed international speculators are now betting against the Euro. A total of 113,890 derivatives contracts are in current play.
For five weeks in a row, the smart money has been booked against the Euro. The fake Eurozone bailout is seen as a smoke-and-mirrors obfuscation. The underlying panic is palpable. Nothing can save the Euro. France is ready to return to the Franc. Germany is ready to return to the Deutschmark. EuroZone chaos updates here (14.05.10), here (16.05.10) and here (17.05.10).

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