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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


posted by Hobie on RMN
Hi, Folks -
Received from Wendy via e-mail - discernment is advised. I'll add some paragraph breaks to this one for easier reading online:

On Immigration:

Miss Oklahoma was the 'run-away' winner of the Miss America contest until she was asked a 'no win' political question about 'illegal' immigration.
Suddenly, out of the blue, she lost.
San Diego has 'uninvited' all Arizona organizations normally having their annual conventions in San Diego saying they are no longer welcome.
Obama chastises Arizona publicly.
In meetings with China, perhaps the greatest violator of human rights on the planet, U.S. Officials make public apologies and statements to the effect that the new Arizona Law must be overcome.
Meanwhile, with support from Obama, China and Iran become major players on the U.N. and other 'human rights commissions'.
Meanwhile, throughout California, Arizona and Texas dozens of Mexican and Mexican/American activist address huge crowds saying "this is our land, this is Mexico, this land was stolen from us and we are taking it back". School Districts from San Diego to Houston, from Dallas/Fort Worth to Phoenix to Los Angeles are now sixty to eighty per cent Hispanic and growing. In San Antonio they are 92% Hispanic.
The fact that the new Arizona Law (which sixty to seventy percent of ALL Americans agree with) tracks exactly existing Federal Law makes no difference to the Liberals (progressives) who actively seek the 'over running' of Southern Border States.
At the Lakers/Suns playoff basketball game Monday four security guards attempted to force two fans wearing t-shirts supporting the law to leave the Staples Center Stadium (the crowd cheered when they were returned to their seats on orders of the head of security). San Diego was the first city to stop the Boy Scouts from using Public Buildings.
Already plans to grant Amnesty to another 13 million illegally in the U.S. now have been prepared by the Obama Administration. The only thing slowing the announcements are the fall elections. If you (we) won't stand up for our country 'they' are ready, willing and able to take it from us. A country unwilling to defend its Language, Culture, Laws and Borders is not a country but a piñata.
This is preplanned by the Democrats. "Democracy" is mob rule. Democracy, despised by our Founding Fathers, has been imposed upon our country in opposition to our Constitution by Democrats beginning with Roosevelt. Their work, their goal, is almost complete, that being an electorate dependent for their survival upon Government. That's why all the 'freebee's', to ATTRACT illegal immigrants. We then become a one party political system as the 'masses' will always elect those providing 'free' benefits to them, but is not free. The bills are paid by working taxpayers.
Crossing Mexico's Southern Border Illegally is very difficult and all must carry and 'show their papers' while in Mexico. Applying any similar law in the U.S. provokes immediate outrage from the Immigrants as that is what they are led to do by their Democratic Party Mentors.
Does this sound like I am opposed to Immigrants and especially Mexicans? That's not true. I have traveled the interior of Mexico by auto and spent more time in Acapulco than most Mexicans. I know about the poverty first hand, also about the graft and official corruption. I have been in their homes (shanties). How many of you know what a "coochey coo" room is?
(It's the outdoor room open to the sky where the parents have sex so the children can share the one bed in the dirt floor main 'house' which gets its water through a piece of water hose from a concrete cistern filled once a week by a water truck.

The border cities are already overrun with crime and murder by the tens of thousands. U.S. prisons as well as the school districts are rapidly filling up with ILLEGAL Immigrants. Unless it is stopped, unless laws are enforced and immigration controlled and limited to those without criminal records we are facing a mortal wound financially as well as culturally. As with previous 'Amnesties' for previous millions it leads only to demands for ever greater amnesties in the future. It tells hundreds of millions throughout Central and South America all they have to do is get across the barely existing southern border of the U.S. and they 'will be taken care of'. By the Democrats is the sales pitch, by taxpayers is the truth.
U.S. taxpayers are being bled dry what with all the things already passed and those to come such as "skyrocketing utility bills" (Obama's own words). Breaking the backs of taxpayers and speeding the process by forcing them to support more millions of 'illegal' immigrants' is part of the plan, Obama's Plan. Then they too (taxpayers) become dependent upon Government and Obama and the Democrats get what they are really after, Communism disguised as Socialism which acts as a magnet drawing still more millions for them 'to take care of' which is how they justify their existence and their Socialist/Communist Political Policies. There will never be a shortage of those wanting to be 'taken care of'. The greater the promises the greater the numbers of those rushing in 'illegally' to receive every benefit promised.
Current policies result in No Borders and no Sovereignty for them or us. There are not enough States in the Southwestern U.S. to absorb all who will come as this process, now repeating itself for at least the third time (with each event exponentially larger than the last), results in the entire country becoming the destination for all who buy 'the sales pitch' which amounts to, below the surface, "come here and vote for me and I will take care of you. If you can get in you will never have to be accountable for your ILLEGAL act, I will see to it".
The outcome, long term, is the same as happened in Africa's 'Bread Basket'. The Governments kicked the productive farmers who had been feeding the Continent off their land and gave it to the 'poor' which promptly ate the crops, killed and ate the livestock, then ate the seed corn leaving the Continent once again starving. "Leveling the playing field", "redistribution of wealth", etc.., it's all nonsense. Do you see them doing anything to redistribute their wealth? It's just WORDS used to confuse the masses such as "The Patriot Act" which stripped the American people of so many rights. Whets Patriotic about that?
It's not that a poor uneducated ILLEGAL Immigrant is going to take away the jobs of educated Americans but rather that all the additional financial burdens heaped upon taxpayers will bankrupt them (prison system, schools, healthcare, hospital emergency rooms, etc) while American "Culture", especially in those states they claim as their own land upon arrival, is no longer American as Americans become a small minority. The percentage of white students in the Dallas Independent School District is now eight percent. Eight Percent.
Absorbing the 'worlds' unfortunate masses beginning with Illegal Mexican Immigrants into the U.S. will only 'level' the productive to the lowest common denominator which is the goal of the NWO slave masters. It's all about 'bringing down' the U.S. free enterprise capitalist system and "Freedom" itself and Amnesty in ever increasing quantities is part of the plan, a very major part. It's not in evidence yet, but what if part of the plan is millions of 'illegal immigrant Muslims' who then say 'you can't make us play by the rules, afterall, you didn't make them play by the rules'. Then Obama's statement that the U.S. is one of the largest Muslim Nations would be true wouldn't it?
Methods and money must be found to help Mexicans and other potential illegal immigrants help themselves in their own countries. How to do this is one of the great issues we all face as all impoverished people in all impoverished countries need and deserve help.
Perhaps a brilliant reader knows a way and will add his/her ideas to the growing list posted on Fourwinds with his contact information.
And, should you be in the market for a friend, choose a Mexican as they are some of the finest people you will ever know.
casper 5-18-10

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