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Thursday, May 20, 2010

casper opinion 05-20-10

For weeks all the news said 5000 barrels a day leaking into the gulf. This morning BP says 5000 barrels a day being 'captured'. Tuesday I met with an engineer who had just returned from the well site Sunday. He said 'the word' on site is that as much as 70,000 barrels a day have been spewing into the gulf. The oil has been suppressed below surface level using toxic chemicals provided by a BP affiliate. The engineer said the suppressed oil now covers an area the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Obama, his HLS management on site and BP are intentionally suppressing from public view the enormity of the disaster. The oil, still flowing freely, will move around the southern tip of Florida and end up who knows where destroying God knows how much marine life as it goes, but 95% is underwater and out of sight. This is a fine example/metaphor for Obama's "Management of Perspectives". Truth is never the goal, fooling the masses is always the goal. Have you been to the Florida Keys? A very fragile Eco System.

WE and dozens of financial newsletter writers have been saying for months don't believe the "all is well recovery story" being sold to widows, orphans and regular 'investors' by Obama, Geithner, Bernake and the 'talking heads'. This morning, surprise, "it looks like the economy is rolling over" say the talking heads. As previously reported nothing has been done to solve the actual problems which have been hidden since the fall by throwing Trillions of taxpayer funds into the black hole of 'bailouts', first banks next States and Sovereign Government Debts. It bought 'them' time to pocket another round of unbelievable bonuses at taxpayer expense but did nothing to solve the crisis, they actually made it worse. In spite of the 'bailouts' the big banks are still bankrupt and can not survive honest 'on the books' accounting. The unfolding situation is a real live 'rocky horror picture show'. Be a spectator not a speculator.
The preliminary vote for the "Empower the FED" legislation is expected to pass today making the vote outcome for the Bill certain. Remember, the Corporations Employees (Congress) are nothing more than WHORES for the Banks and the FED which they are in partnership with. Under the guise of 'regulation' still more of America is being taken over by the Government/Wall Street Partnership.
A new poll out today says 65% of ALL Americans support the new Arizona Immigration Law. Even more said NO to Obama's HealthCare Bill. Do you think 'they' give a damn what you say or think? They work for the NWO, 'open borders' and all that. Wake up, stand up America, or prepare your explanation for your grandchildren when they ask "grandma, grandpa, why did you and your friends not stop the Marxist takeover of America"? What can you do? At a bare minimum you can "throw the bastards out".
SO, says Obama's Defense Secretary today, The North Koreans sank the South Korean Sub and killed them all but "It's not an act of war". And terrorist are not terrorist. And the American people want Nationalized Healthcare. And we are not gonna raise your taxes. And filling my administration with Communist doesn't mean I'm a Communist. And yes children, you may have another bottle of warm pabulum.
I wish each of you could be as fortunate as me. Counting my lottery winnings, inheritances and 'deals' in Nigeria I calculate my current cash net worth to now be in the vicinity of 678 Trillion Dollars. I can't be more exact due to currency fluctuations.
Obama's biggest supporter, George Soros, is out today with his plan for a 'World Class Government Run Media System' for the U.S. (not joking). Before these Marxist Bastards are done with you will need a government requisition signed in triplicate for your daily allotment of toilet paper.
My opinion of the story making the rounds on the net about the two women receiving and losing because they talked to each other? If true, and I don't know whether it is or isn't, it would likely be something "special" such as original F.C. Plaintiffs (1970's) and their 'instructions' would be 'special to them' and not likely the same as 'our' instructions.
On the 'Business Front' yes, WE know, or think we know, what is going on day by day. It amounts to more sabotage by the bad guys and more corrective actions by the good guys. Yes, we do know the specifics but every once in a while we maintain silence believing it to be in everyone's best interest. This has been and continues to be one of those weeks, one of those 'times'. There have been 'set-backs' meaning more 'sabotage' by the bad guys. At this time things are under control again, control of the good guys, so with the usual caveat, 'heads up'.
Your suggestions and questions do find their way to Casper, forgive US for not answering each one directly. 'Situations' are being handled by those in a position to do so. WE can't explain all this in detail so answering your questions directly would amount to a whole lot of 'beating around the bush' disappointing you and us too. Relax please, 'they' can't win and even their 'fighting days' are ending.
There are so many 'subjects of the day' we could discuss especially the huge array of CRAP being fed daily to the American people by the Obama Administration and all associated therewith. Enough of that for now, instead I would like to discuss a word with you, that word being "idea".
For an idea to be of value it must be acted upon. The reason the Bellringers kindly provided a forum for YOUR IDEAS to be posted on Fourwinds was partly a realization that 'good ideas' are not unique to any type or race or gender or group of person(s). If you have an idea you believe worthy of consideration please post it, at least in brief summary format with your contact information. The world is about to change dramatically I think. Financial help necessary to implement your idea may no longer be available from 'normal sources', if it ever was, but might be more readily available than ever before from new and different sources. It is not necessary that you "sell" your idea in your posting, only that you say briefly what it is and provide a way for the interested to contact you. And, that you be patient while your potential backer/partner/friend/soulmate takes care of personal affairs before contacting you.
casper 5-20-10

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