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Saturday, May 8, 2010

commentary re: program funding

for Freedom recipients from RMN:
Reader BS offers this commentary:


Like many of you that have a vested interest in seeing the letters or packs or whatever we're supposed to receive finally being delivered, a number of people I talk to all had interesting reasons as to why it hasn't happened yet.

Some like Casper believe it's a grand conspiracy which could well be the case. But if as he has said over the last couple of years that the good guys had this suitcase with all this incriminating evidence in it and threatened to use it to expose the bad guy's, what happened to it? Why hasn't it be used after all this time. He never did answer that one question.

Others like Poof week after week dredges up his history lessons about ancient peoples in foreign lands. He reminds us weekly about American history. He reminds us weekly on how excited he is. Not because something has actually happened, but because we are all going to be so excited when something ( if ever ) does actually happen. Doesn't that just give you the warm and fuzzies week after week after week? Have no fear friends. He's ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Some of us got together and came up with what we call the realities of life today which could in fact have a profound effect as to why these programs haven't been delivered yet. Think of the many layers of an onion. For months now, the only way that the US government can raise the funds required to operate is through weekly auctions of its debt in the form of Treasury bills. Just last week alone, we had to auction 144 billion. Okay, we dump a boat load of debt onto the worlds markets and investors both private as well as other governments by this debt. So ask yourself, if the powers to be were really ready to unleash these programs with this vast amount of wealth behind it, why are these sales still happening?

If these trillions upon trillions some even say quadrillions are there and ready to be unleashed that will bring a virtual world wide jubilee, why then all this commotion about baling out Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland? If all this money is ready to go as the messengers would have us believe, then why are these countries begging for funds to keep them solvent?

I'll keep this short as I could probably go on for a day. But seriously stop and consider the facts. Sure you could follow the blow by blow with Casper and Story when he decides to pop up. You can get your weekly uplifting message of anticipation from Poof but nothing more there. Or you can begin to watch for a break. A break where our debt is no longer being purchased by the rest of the world. Because as long as it is, there is no reason for deliveries because the rest of the world is still willing to live in debt by financing our debt and the game continues.

Stop and use your heads. Why would countries like Briton, China, Japan, Russia and many others keep buying our debt which in turn allows us to keep military bases all over the world and continue acting like the worlds cop? Why would these countries buying our debt still be interested in seeing us fighting two wars?

Fulford says the beast is just about dead. Really Ben? If this were the case, why then are countries continuing to feed the military machine in America because it sure can't be for the peanuts in interest that this debt pays the investor. No, this isn't about logistics. This isn't about some dragon types living in the hills of China or the Rothchilds in Europe. It's about money, power and greed. As long as those around the world continue buying our debt, I doubt any of us will see the delivery of anything other than more weekly sermons about whose bags are packed and who is screwing who in elite circles.

The only thing wrong with the current picture we have is that as Story says, the effects of the Bush/Greenspan never pay model is still in place. No deliveries until either the worlds markets crash or others stop giving our government the funds it needs to keep the existing game going.

If anyone has any better ideas, please feel to chime in because for the life of me and others, whether you have waited ten years, twenty years, thirty years or more, no one but no one has come forward to explain to we mushrooms not so much what the reason for the delay is, but more to the point, when is this nonsense going to end? Either tell us all this is total BS or send a rocket up the butt of whomever has to push the button, because these delays week after week or year after year are an insult to anyone's sense of reality.

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