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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Speaking at the Eisenhower Presidential Library May 9, 2010, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that the Pentagon must hold down expenses and make difficult choices that are sure to anger "powerful people" both inside and outside the Pentagon. Gates called for root and branch changes to the military and said the gusher of military spending since 9/11 has been turned off. Perhaps, Gates symbolically chose the Eisenhower Library for the site of his speech since President Eisenhower warned of the growing power of the military industrial complex as he was leaving office in 1961.

Earlier this year Secretary Gates also screened for reporters during a flight, Seven Days in May, a movie about a U.S. general who launches an failed coup against the U.S. president.

I don't know if The Restore America Plan has anything to do with the words and actions by Gates, but the timing is synergistic.

Thank you Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

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