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Thursday, May 20, 2010

examiner.com: Part 7 in series--So you honestly think this government is not stealing your information?

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Date: Thursday, 20-May-2010 16:30:33
Part 7 in series--So you honestly think this government is not stealing your information?
May 20, 2:40 PMConservative ExaminerAnthony G. Martin
In September of 2009 the Obama Administration, with the cooperation of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, undertook a trial run of new data-gathering technology in its plan to create a national database of personal information on all citizens.
The source for this information, an investigator who was inadvertently involved personally, by accident, stumbled upon the scheme. The techno-attack revolved around the 9/12 event of last September.
President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon (AP Photo/Susan Walsh).
New hashtags were created on Twitter, for example, that lured users into posting information that could then be captured and stored. Facebook users were subjected to an email address gathering bonanza, initiated by the federal government and using the technology developed by Oracle, John O'Brien at the Department of Defense, and the techno-geeks who are now part of the Summit Series, Government 2.0, and Data.gov.
Interestingly, according to the source of this investigation, conservative and libertarian Twitter users quickly caught on to the scheme and initiated a counter-attack with hashtags and mantras such as 'I am the Mob'--in response to the Obama characterization of the Tea Party movement as a 'mob.'
Twitter was, at that point, bombarded with thousands of tweets from the counter-attack--patriotic citizens who refused to be intimidated by the White House into silence.
Realizing that it had been had, quickly the White House took down some of the sites it had created to push its agenda and collect information on citizens--particularly those who would use Twitter and Facebook to criticize the Administration.
But they are still there, only under different names, and often posing as 'friends' of the Patriots.
Most people who use Twitter are casual, occasional users who only tweet to their friends concerning everyday activities. But for those who are in on the political wars that take place on a daily basis on the site, Twitter is a constant battleground of wits between the Patriots and the totalitarians. Games are played to get the upper hand. Innuendo, character assassination, and even hijacking the Twitter names and accounts of Patriots, which are then used to provide Leftwing information in that person's name, is a common occurrence.
The White House has actively recruited persons who will monitor these sites, 24 hours and day, 7 days a week, for the purposes of gathering information, providing disinformation, attempting to distort or defuse explosive anti-Obama reports, and even seizing a person's name and account for the purpose of discrediting that person and using their name to propagate the Obama agenda.
This brings up a central, soul-searching question that overrides any and all disputes about the veracity of the information provided in this series of articles--why would your government be engaging in this activity? Why would the Obama Administration essentially declare war on mainstream America simply because most citizens have now seen for themselves that 'the emperor has no clothes'?
The answer is power and control--and money.
Anyone, anywhere who uses their God-given freedoms to oppose the totalitarian, oppressive tactics of this regime in Washington is viewed as a major threat to their power, control, and money. Thus, critics must be stopped using any means possible.
Yesterday the Attorney-General of Pennsylvania undertook action that perfectly illustrates this point.
Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania's Attorney-General, subpoenaed Twitter to force them to identify anonymous users who have used Twitter to criticize him. Corbett is running for Governor.
All of this, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. The story simply continues to unfold from here.
Plans concerning the 'smart grid,' for example, which will allow the government to control your thermostat without your permission, all in an effort to thwart the non-existent 'global warming,' is yet another massive intrusion of big government-big corporations into our private lives, essentially robbing us of the freedom to make our own choices and decisions.
A group called 'Technocracy, Inc.' issued a study course on a .pdf file which describes in detail the coming technology that will allow government to restrict the choices of citizens based upon 'the common good.'
But the biggest bombshell of all is that the 'progressives' engaged in this relentless march toward totalitarianism insist that in order to do what they want effectively, 'global governance' will be necessary.
Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Van Jones, Barack Obama, Andy Stern of SEIU, William Ayers, Cass Sunstein, and a host of others with strong connections to the current Administration have ALL stated that a global government is needed in order to effectively implement the programs they have proposed.
The Berkman Center at Harvard Law School has already outlined this global governance in a document entitled, 'Beyond Internet Governance: The Emerging International Framework for Governing the Networked World.'
It is no wonder that the current regime wants to designate 'broadband Internet access' a 'fundamental human right.' No wonder they do not want our southern border to be an issue. Borders are no longer necessary in their thinking. No wonder they believe we have no privacy. And no wonder they consider the Constitution to be a pesky nuisance in their march toward global government totalitarianism.
And yes, the genie is already out of the bottle.
For commentary on the issues of the day, visit my blog at The Liberty Sphere.
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