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Monday, May 10, 2010

Let the Dow Crash and Burn - It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Bunch...


Posted By: Lion
Date: Monday, 10-May-2010 12:22:12


My guess is after reading the title of this piece, many readers are aghast at the audacity of the title.

I have my reasons for looking forward to a 2000-or less-Dow - with positive expectations.

No, I don't play the market, so I'm not playing the Soros strategy.

After all, if the market crashes - won't it bring us immediately into a depression?

Won't cities, industries, and the few jobs that are left be destroyed completely?

Won't I loose everything in my 401K? Won't my Roth IRA be destroyed?

Don't count on your Roth or 401 k - the corporate stinkhole in DC is trying to steal it from you as we speak.

There is no doubt a market crash will have a huge effect on national and international corporate structure.

That is the point exactly. As I've stated many times before - the issue - the villain - the biggest enemy of a Free Republic - is corporatism.

I remember Richard Pryor, the stand up comic of the 70's doing a skit where he played an old shoe-shine man who freely gave out his years of experience in the form of stories to his customers.

Here, he talks about the market crash of 1929:

"You talk about '29 boy? Don't tell me nuthin' bout '29! I was there. People actin' all crazy - jumpin outa windows - whinin' and cryin'! See - white people can't live without money. They git all crazy and don't know what to do. But the black man - he ain't never had no money so he don't care 'bout no crash. The black man - he jus get out the way when the white man jump out the window - so the white man don't land on top o him!"


Corporatism is thousands of pyramid schemes wrapped up in one big pyramid scheme with corporate DC at the top stateside, and the City of London (Goldman Sachs, et al) - so called 'Royal' families at the top of it all, internationally.

In all corporate pyramid structures - all the productive effort and all the profit - always flows up the pyramid steps to the very few at the top - who do nothing to earn what they demand.

In all corporate pyramid structures - all of the responsibility for creating profit - and the responsibility for covering all of the debt incurred by the corporation - is pushed down the pyramid steps to the producers in the private sector economy, who gain little more than a slaves reward for shouldering all the burden for everyone.

The corporation is the master - and the private sector producers are the debt - slaves on the plantation farm of Corporateland.

Corporatism is the beast sucking the lifeblood out of the planet.

It is the wicked scheme where the biggest perpetrators cannot -according to corporate law- be held accountable - because they are not living entities.

Not living, breathing entities, yet they carry the same authority - and more - as a living individual.

These entities are known as corporations - and Wall Street is their playground.

Satan himself lives on Wall street - and parties down at the Federal Reserve.

It is a corporate world, temporarily ruled by satanists, and god damned pieces of corporate paper, the only thing which makes the criminality 'official'.


Corporate jews, wearing Khazarian shoes, push a corporate agenda, with corporate 'news'.

Corporate idols, corporate heads, politicians sleeping in corporate beds.

Corporate states, corporate towns, a corrupted military kills for corporate clowns.

Corporate monsters - should have never been born - see love ruined with corporate porn.

Corporate planes spray corporate pain with corporate poison in corporate rain.

Corporate judges serve corporate banks, while corporate money protects their flanks.

Corporate justice ain't justice at all - ask the corporate lobbyist who lives in the hall.

Corporate pharma, with corporate thugs, calling themselves doctors, push corporate drugs.

Corporate schools - just corporate tools - creating scores of new corporate slave fools.

Corporate farms with corporate cows and corporate hands on corporate plows - breed corporate seeds that have no life - but grow your own and corporate prisons await you.

Corporate whores run corporate stores and destroy independent enterprise even more....

The list goes on. And On. And on.

Everyone in the private sector economy worldwide is now the old shoeshine man.

When the international blight that is corporatism, and the world 'stock traders' agenda comes crashing down - it will be the best thing that ever happened to humanity.

Be sure to clear a space on a eight-inch thick slab of concrete, and get out of the way when these useless thugs start jumpin' outa windows.

Personally, I would encourage them to move three or four stories higher before they jump.


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