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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Poof report 05-09-10

Greetings and Salutations;

I hope you're having a fair day. The winds of change are blowing hard out here. Looking at the edges of the tapestry as the frays happen, cannot give the full appreciation of what's happening in the big picture. The media blasts with picture and sound, the delivery, however. can dull the senses to the point of wanting to shut it off. Back up and see the whole, it's not as complicated as they make it sound. The illness in the world, that must be cured, is being cured right now, by addressing the carriers of the disease. Thus, the reason for name of this newsletter. I'm not fond of being a name dropper but I could drop many right now, who have been ringed around the tables negotiating for their futures. There was always a whole lot more to this massive banking shift than handing out money to people and more work than anyone wants to fathom. Here's a man addressing part of the problem that's been dug in for a long time;


What you are seeing right now, with your eyes and hearing with your ears is, what I've been warning about for years and wondering when 'they'd' pull the trigger, starting a physical avalanche to end all the crap. Impossible, some have told me thru the years, over my own awareness. I did stop saying so much about it because nothing like physical proof would ever get thru and bring 'substance' to the 'abstract'. I heeded the words, 'it doesn't matter what you know, just hold that torch up til we get it done'. When I see us going past the markers that were on that old map given me nearly 30 yrs ago, my sick sense of humor rejoices, when I hear the howls get louder. The powers aren't going after us specifically but our attention is being gotten so americans are never lazy about tending their constitutional republic, again. Your politician is no better than mine if they just went along with the good old boys club and took their payola. These guys have to start raising money again as soon as they win an election, so why is any of this stuff a surprise. Used to be a politician had a 'job' and didn't spend all their time in washington or new york. Guess what, we are going back there and the howls are getting louder. Poor babies.

This is not just america, the whole world will be addressing their own issues in their countries. I found it very interesting about the election in britain, they chose a 'no body', they voted for their own 'obama'. Change of a myriad of things is in the atmosphere and it's making everyone jittery. It really comes down to one thing, money, who has it and who doesn't. The chinese just pulled one and all any of these talking heads can talk about is maybe the housing bubble blowing over there in the fall sometime. Hey they just handed you your butt and you think they 'may' have a blow up. I got one thing to say to all these talking heads, 5000 years of civilization and written language. Never mind they have been watching the west for centuries and loaned them the gold to get running....are ya stupid? Any economist worth his salt will tell you, if china sneezes, the west catches a cold, they just don't like to admit it in public. Everyone who's anybody has been running in and out of hong kong, like it's the last place on earth, why? They who have gold rule, it's that simple. We aren't talking 'coolies' here, so unthink that crap we've been lead to believe about china. Matter of fact, they are the one's insisting on those announcements, when the moment strikes. They are much more aligned with the native americans view point then anyone knows, generally. I saw a recent navajo statement and it was almost like getting an update! It's time for the rise of 'turtle island'. Damn, I love it, when a plan comes together!

There's a whole lot of bed wetting going on and folks losing control of their bowels. A whole lot of emoting is rolling thru here and people dealing with their own excruciating internal stuff. Hey, I know, there's 'poof', I'll dump my guts on his email. Somebody, for God's sake gotta Hear me! LOLOLOLOLOL...who ya tellin? I came out of the 'seamy' side and you don't know half of it yet but you will and then, you can sit down, like a I did years ago and decide what you're going to do with 'knowing', or run off in the sunset screaming and hollering, throwing hands and arms, every which way...yelling..NO NO NO!!!!! There's no reason for anyone of you to be concerned about your own lot in this life, your concerns will be what you're going to do with the sudden shift. Now, I would advise that you just get your stuff, then sit a moment after you've handle some immediate stuff, and chill out. You will have just had you gray matter blown apart, you need a moment. But I know, all the 'tough guys' will try diving into the middle of the roll of the waters and try negotiating the waters, following old methods and that will be quite embarrassing. Order a drink!!!! The sky is now below your feet. The gps just went nuts!

Ok, folks, there, I got another (puff puff) newsletter out of this cranium (music playing in the background). No I didn't answer the questions most paramount, 'how much and when?'...even tho I really did, and you have to put the puzzle together to 'grok it'. Smile, your wait is at an end, looking for some final confirmations, and it's all over for me. The Poofman shuts his face (I'm really tired of this) and will be dropping this like a bad habit, time to 'live life worth living' and may all of you grin like you never grinned before. If you need to check on the us, hey satellite tv is international. It won't be hard to keep up. Nashville..floods...know that neck of the woods...indonesia...a 7.2 went off...date line, world is rocking, get a good hand hold. Switch o change o...little humor,


Consultations upon request thru this email address. Donations needed and accepted at www.paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net

'Jah trod 'pon babylon'

Love and Kisses,


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