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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Possible night time looting in Egypt's Giza

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Is Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities secretly looting the Giza Plateau excavations under the cover of darkness? Are Farouq Hosni and Zahi Hawass complicit in secreting unrecorded ancient Egyptian treasures into the private antiquities market?
At 2.00am on Wednesday 28th April 2010, massive covert looting of a major archaeological excavation site below the Giza Plateau in Egypt was witnessed and filmed. The incursions took place in front of, and beneath, the Great Sphinx. Heavy loaders, high loaders and JCB forklifts were seen to remove ancient chests, sarcophagi and statues from the heritage site. There was also a large explosion, suggesting that a deep underground chamber was being blasted open. Preliminary annotated pictures of the thefts can be seen here and here. When these two pictures were published on the web, death threats were made to the photographer and associated witnesses. It is thought that the items looted were intended for private sale on the illegal international antiquities market, and would not be shown on the official inventory of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

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