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Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Posted By: Susoni
Date: Wednesday, 12-May-2010 01:49:34

Read it and weep. There are 6 MILLION Barrels LEFT IN THE GROUND, EACH DAY... Why? To drive the price of Oil up...

James P. Tucker, Jr.
American Free Press
May 10, 2010

DUBLIN, Ireland— has learned that the advance staff of the Trilateral Commission (TC), appearing here at the Four Seasons resort in Dublin on May 6, appeared gloomy. In other years, they had shown a more festive mood as they prepared for the arrival of 300 high officials of Europe and North America and international financiers to plan the global economy behind closed doors.

An economic meeting in Brussels is just concluding, making it a convenient cover story for U.S. officials who want to attend the TC meeting without public knowledge.

Such summits, either just before or after TC and Bilderberg group meetings, are routine. Bilderberg will meet June 4-7 at the Dolce Hotel in Sitges, Spain, about 20 miles from Barcelona.

British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast would have to be a “major and ticklish topic” during the session. That’s because Big Oil is a major player at the TC and Bilderberg meetings. BP will have to pay for the spill with big bucks at a time when the TC is planning giant hikes in U.S. gasoline costs.

Unfortunately, the BP disaster is likely to motivate these globalists to force prices up even more. The latest data from the Energy Information Association, the statistical arm of the Energy Department, shows that, as of mid-March, U.S. refiners were operating at 81 percent of capacity. There are 6 million barrels per day being deliberately left in the ground by the world’s oil producers. There’s nothing like a generated shortage to push prices up.

The TC was created in 1973 by David Rockefeller, among others, initially to link together the interests of the super-rich of North America, Europe and Japan. Along with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Atlantic Council, the Bilderberg group and related groups and think tanks, the TC helps forge long-term plans and policies, apart from elected officials.

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