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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The traitors at the Bank of Japan have promised unlimited funding to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.

The Bank of Japan Monday promised to hand over unlimited amounts of hard earned Japanese money to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.


The so-called “swap” arrangement of yen for dollars simply means the Japanese people will be printing “dollars” for the Federal Reserve Board. This payment of money to an already bankrupt criminal enterprise will further impoverish the Japanese people. In theory the Feds are supposed to pay back the money but, the United States already has $127 trillion in debt which is close to 10 times their $14 trillion GDP so it is hard to imagine the Japanese people will ever see their money again. In other words, the Japanese people will be further impoverished by this move.

The entire $1 trillion “rescue package” for Europe is merely putting future generations of ordinary Europeans, Americans and Japanese in debt in order to prolong the life of criminal financial institutions.

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