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Thursday, May 13, 2010

alcuin and flutterby 05-13-10

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Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate gets new money from Bank of Japan. Swap arrangement of yen for dollars means Japan will be printing dollars for the Nazi continuum's constitutionally illegal Federal Reserve Board.
It is well known that the Bank of Japan Governor, Masaaki Shirakawa, is a bought-and-paid-for puppet of the US corporation. But what about Japan's Finance Minister, Naoto Kan? Is he now in bed with the US Nazi continuum? It is widely rumoured that Kan will replace Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, by the end of May 2010. Is Naoto Kan in receipt of bribes from Washington DC?

Much is occurring that is leading to a final resolution of your confusing and chaotic world. The death throes of one era and the start of another tend to overlap, and this is the case with what is now being played out in this reality.
"The old guard is only now recognising the fact that your present reality is beyond saving. It is like a severely punctured boat; the holes are just too numerous to be repaired. It is time to let the boat sink and look for a suitable replacement. But the dark cabal, which runs this old guard, thinks otherwise; it feels that, somehow, magic can still be pulled out of the hat in time to save the day and that, somehow, this dilemma can be solved. The dark persists in this hope despite the fact that the old guard and its many associates now maintain that no such magic is anywhere in sight and as a result are busy deserting the sinking ship. The latest discussions with the dark ones are now tinged with desperation. Their panic grows by the hour and the extent of this panic colours the last moments of their time in power. Never before on your world has a group accustomed to ruling a whole planet been vanquished in this manner. It is governments' financial and institutional shortcomings which have led to the dark's downfall, and this setback to their plans irks them. The global populace is on the verge of taking charge and running the villains out of town. Your world is about to learn many things about subjects none of you could have imagined. These revelations are to reestablish who you are, your true history, and why you are here. Hidden deep within many sequestered dark libraries are truths which we intend to expand on. These tell the stories of your origins and of how the Anunnaki and Co manipulated you for decades. Our Earth allies have a long list of things to do, the first of which involves governmental change and a sweeping transformation of your global financial system. The dark cabal does not intend to cooperate. Already in a state of panic, the dark minions are scared stiff that these agreements will cost them not only their power and wealth but also their lives. It is this fear that fuels the escalating turmoil now choking the global news media. There exists an unwritten history that is suddenly to become written. The duplicities of the Anunnaki are to be revealed, and the number and enormity of the crimes against humanity are also to be described in detail. This information will lead back to Atlantis and, ultimately, Lemuria, where your ET origins are to be found. The changes you are undergoing reverse the unplugging that was carried out on you nearly fifteen millennia ago in Atlantis when the dark Anchara Alliance came here to work its black magic on you. These dark ones began to experiment on you to undo full consciousness within this dualistic reality. The results are what you see all around you. Our purpose is to reverse what the (negative) Atlanteans and their dark cohorts did. Your aches and pains attest to the last stages of this return to who you really are ...."

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