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Thursday, May 13, 2010

fly over the oil spill, much worse that imagined

found on nesaranews blogspot:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 12:04 PM
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We find this beyond appalling especially when we have had free and fueless energy since the 40"s. This is a byproduct of pure greed and recklessness with no respect for the very platform for life, which sustains us. This has gone beyond insanity and reached the height of ignorance and selfishness. It is a wake up call as to where the corporate elite and their puppets are taking you. Goldman Sacs is highly invested in oil shortages and an inside memo said all we need is one rig to go down and we will be rich; screw the birds and the fish. I guess they don't eat fish and forgot what happens when there are no fish to feed the people. I wonder how their little green pieces of paper will taste? You can't eat paper. I also find it odd that just prior to the explosion Halliburton was working on the site. If the sheeple do not wake up after this slap in the face this civilization does not deserve to continue. It is on a self destructive, unsustainable path on the downward spiral to eventual environmental collapse. It is time to end the wars, the greed, the enslavement through manufactured lack and the suppression of clean earth friendly technologies. It shall not come through religions or governments but through the hearts and minds of the people. Time to restore America, then restore the planet.

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