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Friday, May 21, 2010

alcuin and flutterby 5-21

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Former US Vice President Dick Cheney
A photograph. And another picture here.
Dick Cheney thrown out of Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday 19th May 2010.
Cheney and several of his syndicate were physically ejected from Bank of America when they attempted to organise a $2 trillion white-collar theft from the international settlement funds. The funds concerned were electronically tagged in advance and generated a clear-evidence papertrail as the heist was blocked.

Afghanistan Mujahideen publish details of their attacks on the US Bagram airbase and Kandahar on Wednesday 19th May and Thursday 20th May 2010.
The US-controlled corporate mainstream media appear to have underreported the casualties. On those two days in Afghanistan alone, more than ninety American, Canadian and British military personnel were killed and scores more were seriously injured. There was huge destruction of western armoured vehicles and facilities.

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