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Saturday, May 15, 2010

casper opinion 05-14-10

With time for such things becoming ever more scarce, I decided to stop worrying about how the mice in Pelosi's thirty million dollar rat farm are doing and to think more about who got the hundreds of billions of gold bullion from the basement of the WTC and who shorted the airline stocks massively in the days immediately prior. It's not that difficult to trace such things. Why do you suppose
this information continues to be suppressed? Why do you suppose no Politician will demand answers?

* Healthcare estimates already $115B greater than was sold to the American people not counting the $400B that was counted twice.
* Cap and Trade Taxes coming with 'dramatic increase in utility bills' says the Messiah himself. Gore and 'Traders' trading "SMOKE" to make Trillions at taxpayer expense. 'Fannie' to provide the 'trading platform' I hear. Imagine that. A failed Mortgage Provider existing only at taxpayer expense running a Quadrillion dollar trading operation.
* VAT tax coming immediately after fall elections ON TOP OF all existing taxation. Once begun it will be a steady increase to infinity till all money goes to the Government.
* Immigration 'Reform' coming, i.e. get 'em in here any way you can, new Range Rovers for each if FREE EVERYTHING does not work. Get 'em on the voting (give away) list as soon as possible, 'how else can we expect to remain in office'?
* Hillary signs U.N. Gun Confiscation Treaty, no muss no fuss with Congress, don't ask-don't tell 'we the people' till confiscation begins.
* Get control of Internet Content (like Communist China)--bills already introduced in Congress.
* Water down dramatically Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" Bill rendering it a 'weak tea' version of what he proposed---already accomplished.
* Provide the FED dramatic new and increased powers over all financial and insurance institutions, credit unions, etc., not just Banks, and Title the Legislation exactly the opposite of what it actually does--readied this week for the final vote with REPUBLICANS JOINING DODD in this latest 'Bail The Banks and FED SCAM' at Taxpayer Expense made possible by Street Walking WHORES in Congress for sale to all bidders who have the 'price of admission', in this case the Banks which own the FED.
* Stop the sale of Vitamins and Health Care Supplements as directed by Big Pharma which pays massive "BRIBES" to voting Politicians of both parties (Sewer Rats)--Legislation already introduced.
* As for 'no tax increase on those making less than 250K annually', 'KINGS X' say the Democrats, 'you didn't really believe that crap did you'?
* AND, 'so what if no one at Colombia University ever saw me or heard of me there, not even those in the classes I supposedly attended'. 'So what if I am using a Connecticut Social Security Number (and 27 others) when I have never lived in Connecticut, what business is that of the American people? 'So what if I was born outside the U.S. and proof is in the hands of the World Court and the Supreme Court'. What do you think you can do about it? Embezzlement, I.D. Fraud, The Chicago Mob, Communist Czars, the Banks and the Vatican in charge of the White House and the Government. So much to think about, so little time. The welfare of Pelosi's mice will just have to wait.

In addition to Blankfein's Carte Blanch at the White House (G.Sachs) as previously reported, the Messiah had Jamie Diamond (Morgan/Chase) over for a private dinner last week and Brian Monihan of B.of A. fame is in and out of the WhiteHouse about as often as the housekeepers. What do you reckon they and their puppet Obama are up to now? Getting their stories straight for one thing, no doubt, so Obama can strike them with his feather while the Banks 'scream' appropriately for the benefit of his deaf, dumb and blind continuance. 'A hundred cents of the Dollar' for their toxic waste demand the Banks and Obama and BUSH behind the scenes. 'Screw you' is the abbreviated version of the response.

Many times WE have opined. rather stated, flatly, that all bad debt will be laid off on taxpayers. This week the "Formula" (SHAM) came into view. The FED, having absorbed Trillions of toxic crap from the Banks onto its balance sheet, in exchange for Treasuries at full face value no doubt, will now move all this garbage paper into the GSE's which now have Government Guarantees (and continue to lose money hand over fist) making U.S. taxpayers and their heirs the final resting place for ALL the cost associated with ALL the corruption and ALL the Bailouts by ALL the criminals. Wall Street and the Banks and Obama and the Politicians live happily ever after in the Hamptons, taxpayers suck eggs for the next hundred years. All that "doubling down" and "tripling down" by Obama and the FED and the Corporations Treasury Department previously reported was, it turns out, just the 'warm up', the appetizer, the preamble for the 'icing on the cake' move announced this week, the Bailing of The European Banks and various Sovereign Government Debt at U.S. Taxpayer expense. You and your country (my country) are being intentionally destroyed by criminals in their attempt to save their Fraudulent Financial Playpen which is a WORLDWIDE CASINO of addicted gamblers who have now bet everything you own or ever will own, on a shot so long the odds can't be calculated. Remember Jim Carey's response in "Dumb and Dumber' when the beautiful girl said the odds of them getting together was one in a million? And his response? 'SO, your telling me THERE IS A CHANCE', as he danced with glee. The odds are worse than that and the 'players' Dumber than he. "If we can't have it we will blow it sky high" is the only reading possible IMO.

I have also been thinking about how much I agree with the statement made by Poof in his last update. Paraphrasing now, "I am sick of this job and ready for it to end". I too am exhausted from these two decades of effort and ready to call it a day. The 'turning point' for me is the recent realization that 40% or more of the people are beyond help and may actually deserve what they are getting. With or without the pending changes, and/or the funding of the programs, I am reconciling myself to the proposition that there is no cure for STUPID. Ignorance is common to all of us and can be fixed with time and patience and effort. Stupid is simply there like a big red nose and the more I encounter it the more I realize that no amount of powder or education can hide it and less and less do I desire to be anywhere near it. Perhaps this is the origin of the U.N.'s phrase "useless eaters". There is no reasonable excuse for any portion of the American people to not be able to see and see clearly what is happening to their country and who is responsible for it. These people, many of whom regularly display their STUPIDITY on the net, deserve not one more minute of my time or Poofs time or anyone else's time not to mention the cold hard expenditures made on their behalf. The question is, what does one do about the promises made to the other 60%.? The answer is that the promises must be fulfilled even at the expense of suffering the slings and arrows and DEAD WEIGHT of the incurably STUPID.

Besides, all Intel says we have arrived at the end of our long journey together. Your Country and a wide variety of just causes need you and you are soon to have the ability to 'do the right thing', to help. The Illuminati Members 'made a big pile', spent their lives making their pile bigger and will likely die thinking they can take their pile with them. What difference would there be, them and us, if we concerned ourselves only with making our pile bigger? The idea, IMO, is to make our piles smaller by giving responsibly. Not because it is demanded of you but because it is the right thing to do.

"Die Broke", is the best Estate Plan says Bill Gates Father, a far better man than his corrupt son who did all humanly possible to help Obama steal the funds. "Write your last check on your death bed" he said on national television. What a MAN.

Best wishes to all. Happy trails to you. Oh Lordy I do hope this is not another 'retractable' goodbye.

casper 5-14-10

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