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Saturday, May 15, 2010

casper updates 05-15-10

Casper 5-15-10 # 1
Attempts to steal the funds never end friends as one failed attempt is always followed immediately by a new plan, a new attempt.
A certain Chinese Family Member working with 'us', was substituted for by a different Family Member when his cooperation was learned by the bad guys. The replacement was 'caught' working for the bad guys and another replacement sent in who was also 'busted' by the good guys while the original Family Member 'on our side' was being detained. Then certain Family Members, including those from five additional countries attempted the latest scam as follows; They went into Treasury yesterday demanding that certain cards in certain packs be removed and handed over to them. Having tried and failed to access the accounts and funds in every conceivable way this plan was for we recipients to receive the packs and access our accounts not realizing they had pulled certain cards in advance of deliveries which they would then be able to access after we had activated our accounts. Treasury personel receiving these orders known to be corrupt refused to allow the bad guys to touch the packs much less remove the cards as intended as they were well aware it would come back on them if they allowed this to happen. They told the Family Members and whoever else may have been involved Domestically that only the intended recipients would be allowed to open the packs. Now, as of this morning, ALL Family Members from China have been ordered back to China.
With the packs then back in the hands of the Couriers once more, Orders were given to the Couriers FROM ABOVE THE PRESIDENTIAL LEVEL to not deliver and to return the packs to D.C.. The Courier has responded 'we will not honor your request' (order). These types of orders are still flying round about this morning.
As matters stand now we are to receive today with the usual caveat, 'who knows what these crazies will try next'.
casper 5-15-10
p.s. the Tri-Lats are meeting in Dublin this weekend with Geithner present and then he is on to China. The Bilderbergers are meeting the first week in June.
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Casper 5-15 -10 # 2
p.p.s. to this mornings update: The plan to steal the cards from the packs as described this morning was instigated by The QUEEN and MERKLE cooperated by getting the other countries to go along with the plan. The Countries involved have now been told they are losing their share of the IMF funds as a result. England was one of the five Countries involved but it was the QUEEN acting outside the knowledge of the new Prime Minister which has cost them their funds. There is substantially more to this including ramifications unfolding behind the scenes than WE are able to go into here.

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