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Monday, May 17, 2010

casper update 05-16-10

Flip Flop Flip Flop

Clipity Clop Clipity Clop

And the power struggles continue at the highest "second rail" levels.

Eight more trade attempts yesterday and last night, eight more this morning, all blocked.

Meanwhile the trigger packs were ordered back to D.C. by certain of the World Court Judges following the orders of Obama and the Queen and those countries cooperating with them in this latest attempted theft of all funds. These Dirty Rotten Scoundrels also ordered the Court to declare all programs illegal and to confiscate ALL funds. Obama has promised all Countries participating in this 'weekend scam attempt' he and the Queen and Merkle will have control of all funds by Tuesday. They can not get into the accounts, they can not get any trades through and if they did the funds would be confiscated, they could not steal the cards from the packs so this is their latest overnight attempt to screw the entire world including program participants.

Having been advised earlier this morning none of this would be allowed to stand and the Court didn't have the power to declare the programs illegal in any event, word now comes that the Japanese head of the World Court has ordered the Judges from England, Germany, Italy and other participants following the Queens and Obama's orders to 'stand down' and attempt no further interference and he has ordered ALL packs back out for delivery starting tonight.

casper 5-16-10

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