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Monday, May 17, 2010

Poof update 05-16-10

Greetings and Salutations,

There's enough news coming out to tell anyone, somebody better do something real quick or we are looking straight down the pipe at a depression. A liquidity problem, gold is blasting thru the roof, silver is creeping quietly up, right with it, and the world market numbers are skittering sideways. Things that could have never happened in the past are happening right where everyone can see them. Conditioning makes us think, this will pass, and the same folks who made the mess will continue to do what they have been doing, stealing from the public. I about " lost it" when the head of jpmorgan said, they were doing god's work...what god are you talking about? Same folks who said they'd be better at distributing money than we lowly unsophisticated would be, therefore the folks upstairs should just let them handle it. This was a terrible arrogant miscalculation they made, they failed to comprehend the depth of the pockets of they who wanted the world reorganized to reduce the hunger and poverty. That is what sunk them. The game was raided and they failed to 'notice', until it was too late. It really has gotten ridiculous, what part of you're broke and they aren't loaning you anymore money, don't you get?

Wonder who told gordon brown, his best option was to leave downing street now, rather then hanging until the fall? Who ever it was, it was powerful and uncompromising to produce such a reaction. Somethings can make one a little crazy when it's viewed but if you have the big picture in advance, it just becomes a thing of just watching as everything comes to fruition. The euro is not going anywhere, it was a part of the new global infrastructure when it was designed, aimed at when the world would return to metal backing on it's main currencies. You can't leave things like that up to political changes or attitudes. You don't throw the baby out with the bath water, especially when there's a whole world to consider. The good old boys pushed globalism, ok, here ya go fellas, sorry you can't run it, you are way to selfish and greedy to do it right. This is also the death of getting the 4th reich up and running the world into the future. Shades of '1984' brrr.

All the good stuff is in place for this change over, the only thing lacking is the public announcements that bring the people onboard of what has been done to fix this mess. It is known and prepared for that some will not accept these changes immediately, as the conditioning to be a serf and slave is too engrained and will take a moment to come to terms with the facts. Nothing happening is really sudden, it's been going for some time, it's only now getting into the public so that it can't be ignored anymore. We are to be caretakers and not give that responsibility over to folks in three piece suits from ivy league schools, ever again. Freedom and keeping it, has less to do will 'killing people', wars, than you monitoring your own government's behavior. They have kept the people so busy just trying to feed themselves, they've taken the little head pats from some politician, as meaning something. Action speaks louder than any words. Doing the 'right thing' has never been about being popular.

The world is in the middle of birth changes, they are painful and scary to the uninitiated. Yet, this problem was seen and taken on with fervor to fix it, almost at the time the crap was started. Archival papers exist, contracts, etc, filed and held in the world court, which most americans think has nothing to do with us. Gotta look behind the curtains to find out what these yahoos have been up to all these years and why time wise, that ends now. The big trust(5000 yrs old) has opened itself to humanity and now the funding of everything will take place. The reconstruction of all that has broken down for lack of attention or just plain greed, is being serviced. This will take about 3-5 years to clean this mess up but the point is, the time has arrived to start the full on clean up. There is so much more to all of this than I am free to discuss openly but it's all good, you'll really like it, albeit, a bit of confusion on the front end. As things have reached that activation point, the rats have been trying to leave the ship but they are having abit of a problem in their attempts. Way too much money has been confiscated from them to think they can live high on the hog on some other folks' backs. A person said sometime ago, they'll be glad to have macaroni and cheese from a box, when we finish with them. Major doses of crow are being handed out, while you may think 'nothing is happening'.

If all goes as it is expected, you won't hear from me again until, I have the website up to direct you to others who are working on the things you are interested in to make the world 'worth living in'. There's plenty for everyone so we are looking at a world with no lack of anything, not possible? Watch this! There everyone has plenty, what's the use of war or powering over someone else, unless you're just greedy. There will no reinvention of sliced bread, already did that, tried that, and it's run it's course, now it's time for something new. Email if you need a consultation before all engages publicly, donations needed and accepted at www.paypal.com account 2goforth@...
Cheers and good luck everyone. The instructions you'll receive are simple and easy to follow and the less folks you have telling you what to do and I don't care if they are family, the better. Use the sense the good lord gave you and have a wonderful life.

Love and Kisses,


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