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Friday, May 7, 2010

Ben Fulford 05-07

The death throes of the beast

The Satan worshipping gangsters who took over the United States government are getting increasingly desperate and dangerous. These people are guilty of mass murder and know their very lives will be forfeit if the general public finds out what they have been doing. The massive oil lead in the Gulf of Mexico is almost certainly an act of sabotage by these people i.e. the Bush Nazi Cabal.

The Office of Naval Intelligence information/disinformation site known as Sorcha Faal claims it was the North Koreans who attacked the oil platform. I personally confirmed this with a member of the Chinese security police who has direct access to the politburo. The fact that Obama immediately ordered special forces to the region is another indicator the explosion was the result of sabotage. That is one of the reasons Kim Jong Il was summoned to China immediately after the attack.

People in the West mostly do not realize this but it is common knowledge in Asian intelligence circles that the North Korean regime and the Nazi cabal often work in tandem. It was the Nazis who gave the North Koreans both their missile technology and their atomic weapons. The Nazi/CIA faction also helps the North Koreans sell amphetamines around Asia.

In this case, the oil well exploded shortly after Halliburton (CIA rogue faction) did work there. There was also a North Korean ship in the vicinity at the time.
The North Koreans are facing mass starvation (again) and are trying to negotiate a peace agreement so that is why they participated in this attack. The Nazi Cabal is simply threatening to do horrible things to the planet if the worldwide attack against them does not stop.

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