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Friday, August 27, 2010


Goldman Sucks Tells Its "Special" Clients To Sell Gold Even As It Raises Its Price Target On The Shiny Metal

Contributor Note: Asking Goldman Sachs to help you manage your money, is like asking Hannibal Lecter to help you manage your children.....

Goldman Sucks Tells Its "Special" Clients To Sell Gold Even As It Raises Its Price Target On The Shiny Metal
http://www.zerohedge.com/article/goldman-goes-goo-goo-gold-gold-market-poised-rally-us-real-rates-head-lower (click here to read report)
by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Contributed to Vatic by Anonymous, USA

Goldman dedicates 9 pages to a regime change in which it goes openly bullish on gold. The report is attached, which we present without commentary but as always, if there is one flashing red light saying the peak price for any asset has been hit, it is a Strong Buy signal by Goldman. (VN: now remember the rule for good investors: "Buy low, sell high", but what he just said that Goldman does is recommend, when the instrument is "high" or "Peaked", to "buy", which is opposite normal investing wisdom) The report will likely result in a brief pop in spot over the next 24 hours as the idiot money rushes into the latest Goldman trap. Alas, it also means that GS is now offloading. Be very wary of market dynamics over the next month. (VN: I found this video below just after reading this and felt it fit the situation perfectly, Its a classic example of "cognitive dissonance" which Goldman Sucks creates all the time and is better known in psychiatric circles as "crazy making"). I think you will see the connection when you play the video. Enjoy the parody.

Star Trek - Liar Paradox

Enjoy the comparison of the androids to the Goldman sachs clients.  

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