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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


More Sabotage last night, this time from the 'new' Tribunal, even after the head Justice was 'fired'.

If you are tired of hearing it try to imagine how tired WE are of uncovering and reporting it.

The Tribunal stopped deliveries again while continuing trade attempts on behalf of the Queen, Bk of England and other Banks affiliated with her Ladyship from which she and Charles have embezzled huge sums as coming audits will confirm, hence the attempts to 'backfill' via trades.
The Tribunal double-crossed everyone including the Countries. They wanted the cards to try to access the accounts in addition to the attempted trades.

Her Ladyship says 'the people' owe her the money as she is the 'Ruling Class' justifying her extravagant lifestyle and that 'she must have the funds'.

The Countries are saying they 'will take care of the tribunal'.

The packs are still in D.C. this morning.

                   casper   8-18-10

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