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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black Ops Insiders Reveal Secrets

Vatic Note:  Its one thing to speculate about black ops or psychops and its another to know... based on a whistle blower providing the inside scoop, and more and more of that is happening.  The irony is the Whistle blowing that "used" to go through the system, is no longer going through that system, rather its going through the internet system that has been very nicely put in place for us.   Its the only way these whistle blowers can remain safe in doing what their conscience dictates.   Its also a way to keep a record that is spread all over the globe so it can't really be erased, someone somewhere has a copy.   Any other way has resulted in the deaths of those who have tried, with no results since the MSM will not give us the news or the truth about anything.  Please read our Contributors Note, its very enlightening.

Contributors Note:   The technology described below which is used to discredit and frame dissenters is accurate. This should be of GREAT
concern to everyone.

Edgar Steele is only one of many who have been railroaded and sent to prison where the U.S. Government can beam directed energy weapons, slow poison while utilizing other secret technologies meant to invisibly murder [neutralize] the victim without leaving a shred of evidence.

“Often there are duties assigned to agent teams that some of us won’t follow, due to a certain amount of concern for fellow Americans and patriotism for their own country,” says a former U.S. military psy-op agent known to us only as “Sinbad.” He cannot divulge his true name and credentials for reasons that will become even more obvious in this report.

He says that the U.S., the British and the Israeli Mossad are the best in the world at “misleading and misdirecting the focus of the masses toward selected evidence, subjects and targets.”

For the past 30 years, retired Phoenix police officer Jack McLamb has published Aid & Abet, a monthly newsletter for the military and police to help educate them on the perilous New World Order, best defined as a calculated political and economic consolidation on a global scale. “Sinbad” is a regular subscriber, and the letter we speak of went to McLamb’s Idaho office with permission to reprint but with the request that the original be burned. McLamb says he complied.

This writer also suspects that “Sinbad,” because of the timeliness of his spending several paragraphs explaining the high-tech ability governments have in falsifying evidence, may have seen the story in the Aug. 2 edition of AFP on the recent plight of Idaho attorney Edgar Steele and the alleged “murder for hire” that reeked of an FBI setup and the framing of Steele.

“One successful use of our talents is in creating realistic but false videos, DVDs or audio recordings of individuals to be used as ‘evidence’ of a crime,” wrote “Sinbad” in his letter. “One of our easiest duties today, with all the new technology, is in creating this kind of false evidence.”

Black Ops Insiders Reveal Secrets

August 30, 2010 issue , Provided to Vatic Project by Leslie O,  USA
By Pat Shannan

Most Americans haven’t heard the terms “psy-warfare” or “psy-op,” nor can they define these buzzwords. Both terms, with reference to world politics, terrorist events and war, connote in a layman’s explanation that “things usually ain’t what they appear.”

According to a recent letter from an active operative, our government leaders have a plethora of “specialists” and are hiring, from time to time, any number of the tens of thousands of mercenaries—often retired Special
Forces soldiers—who have made themselves available for secret duty in more than 40 countries. These “private contractors” commit unspeakable acts on orders from our own government leaders, many times against U.S. citizens.

As witnessed in Ruby Ridge in 1992, Waco in 1993, Oklahoma City in 1995 and the northeast United States on Sept. 11, 2001, false evidence presented by government leaders through the controlled and cooperative corporate media can quickly move the public’s mind in the government’s chosen direction.

What makes this misdirection work so well, explains “Sinbad,” is that due to the strong personal moral code of average Americans, they just cannot believe that their leaders have no honor and no integrity. They can’t imagine the depths of trickery and treachery to which their own leaders will stoop to deceive the world. (VN:  I know I was shocked that an ally could blithely murder citizens of their ally just to manipulate them into achieving their agenda.  It really did take me awhile to accept it and I still do not understand it.  They take billions from us and then abuse us horribly with not one ounce of gratitude, so I understand what he is saying very well, I guess to some extent we are naive.)

“Using new computer technology and taking a video and a voice print of you, Officer McLamb, in just a couple of hours, we agents could have you on TV dancing on top of a pile of dead Catholic nuns and shouting that you had just purchased 100 weapons of mass destruction from the Boy Scouts of America,” wrote our source. “You name it, we can create it.”


In the Idaho case, this writer recently learned that Mrs. Steele heard the same shocking “evidence” on tape that was played for her husband while he was in jail. At the time, Steele was told that there were more tapes. A week or so later, she called the FBI with the request that she be able to listen to the other recordings and was told “those tapes aren’t ready yet.”

What could “not be ready” about tapes that were already recorded?

After hearing this, we had an hour-long telephone conversation with another longtime CIA operative experienced in all the aforementioned dirty tricks as well as MK-Ultra’s half-century-plus practice of mind control.

After seeing news on Steele’s situation, this former CIA agent wrote, “Steele is toast. He has been set up big time. With no personal knowledge of the case or participation in it in any way, I can tell you that I know a government frame when I see one, and this one is classic. I would bet my house on it. They wanted him, and they got him. His problem will be obtaining the original tapes, and if he can’t get an expert to debunk those (because the tainted manipulation becomes ‘original’ on the copy), then he will not get his head out of the noose. And this is why his wife was told what she was told. You can bet by trial time that the real originals will be nowhere to be found, and an FBI lying expert will be testifying to the authenticity of the phonies.”

The trial has been reset for Nov. 1.

"Americans are so stupid you can spit in their faces and then convince them it is dew." Nikita Kruschev....

(Issue # 35, August 30, 2010)

Not Copyrighted. Readers can reprint and are free to redistribute - as long as full credit is given to American Free Press - 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100 Washington, D.C. 20003
concern to everyone.

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