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Thursday, August 19, 2010

CGI's aegon418: America going back to gold standard?

Posted By: CGI_admin
Date: Thursday, 19-Aug-2010 03:20:30
interesting view of the new $100 bill....
This last one is from Jordan Maxwell. I don't listen to most of what he says, but when he is using/exposing truths I've already realized or come across in various forms, pertinent information getting through to us all is what matters most. As well, Paul Martin, former P.M. owns a international shipping company with many ocean liners. He had to give up ownership and presidency once he took office, but was aloud to take it all back from his children and carry on after leaving office, thus using loopholes to sidestep conflict of interest regulations. Keep this in mind as Jordan talks about maritime laws and Martin being the P.M. to 1st sign the S.P.P. ( Security Prosperity Partnership ) with Fuhr Bush of the U.S. and Calderon of Mexico ( all masonic brothers) !

This is why Europian Union and North American Union and all other monstrosities will be steered by business consultants behind our backs, writing new business laws and not human laws. There are no real nations...only corporations using Luciferian symbology to advance and Satanic tyranny to rule.
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