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Thursday, August 19, 2010

BEN FULFORD 08-19-10


Beware of attempts to start infighting amongst truth seekers who share the common goal of the greatest good for the greatest number

最近英語だけのブログが多くて申し訳ございません。理由は最近英語のネット上で集中攻撃を受けているため、それに答えなくてはならなくなった。一連のやりとりを全て日本語に訳す余裕がないのですが、もし日本語に訳してくれる方がいらっしゃれば歓迎です。Recently, there has been a concerted, almost hysterical effort to generate serious infighting amongst truth seekers. It is their time-tested strategy of divide and conquer. The best way to deflect these high level disinformation attacks is to ignore them and concentrate on shared goals. 
However, in the name of the public interest I feel the need to address certain attacks. 
First of all, my publishing of a list of the names of the Knights of Malta has triggered an extreme, multi-pronged attack. The list I published is not an official list. I had an official list sent to me but it was deleted from my computer and from my hotmail account and from the account of the person who sent it to me. As a result, I resorted to the list that came up when I searched the Knights of Malta on Google. 
This list contained the name of Leonard Horowitz, who did humanity a great service by pioneering research on the question of whether or not AIDS was man-made. His book inspired me to do my own research and I found, along with Jane Burgermeister and other brave researchers that pharmaceutical companies and certain sectors of the military-industrial complex were indeed manufacturing diseases. Their purpose seems to be to reduce the worlds population and maximize profits. In any case, I do not want to be associated with any attacks on Dr. Horowitz or other truth seekers. We would like here to formally ask the Knights of Malta to make their official membership list available to the general public.
For now, the most reliable indicator of who is behind our current problems is the list of people who are members of all three of the following organizations: the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. However, having personally met several members of these organizations, I can promise many of them seemed to have joined with good intentions and have now become disillusioned. We strongly encourage whistleblowers from these organizations to come forward. 
We are also aware that many of the top power brokers have been wise enough to keep their names entirely secret from the public. 
Many attacks against me seem to come from people associated with an organization known as the OITC. I will no longer dignify them with a response. Criminal complaints against them have been filed in 5 countries and Interpol is on the case. Enough said. 
 Remember, we all want to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on a new path of exponential growth in harmony with nature. We have the technical capability to do this if we decide to.

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