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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is the CIA playing the HAARP in Pakistan?

Is the CIA playing the HAARP in Pakistan?


Posted on Pakalert on August 18, 2010

Following up on and keeping pace with HAARP technology is a ponderous and monumental task. Most analysts feel that there is more to the bizarre freak weather anomaly causing such devastation across Russia, China & Pakistan/Kashmir. Almost every year there are strange and focused disastrous weather anomalies causing untold destruction and damage and all have been “anomalies” and freak weather conditions.

1) We have seen Hurricanes

2) We have seen Earthquakes target Pakistani Azad Kashmir

3) We have seen Landslides

4) We have seen Tsunamis target Indonesia

5) We are now seeing another phase of floods targeting Pakistan

HAARP must be looked into. There are some of the few articles on

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