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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Are criminal charges against former Lehman Brothers Executives imminent?
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has been focusing its forensic attention on former Lehman Brothers chief financial officer Erin Callan, former president Joseph Gregory, and former chief executive Richard Fuld. In the background is the Repo 105 disclosure of Thursday 11th March 2010, and the last ditch attempt by Lehman Brothers to misrepresent its balance sheet as it was collapsing into insolvency in September 2008.

Shoe-throwing policeman, Abdul Ahad Jan, hailed as a hero in Kashmir.
A Muslim policeman who flung a brown shoe at Indian Kashmir's chief minister Omar Abdullah (picture here) was hailed as a hero on Monday 16th August 2010. Thousands of people descended on his home village, Ajas, to congratulate his family. Every major Indian newspaper ran front page photos of Abdul Ahad Jan's shoe sailing over Abdullah's head, as the minister spoke at an Indian independence day event on Sunday 15th August 2010, in Kashmir's summer capital, Srinagar. The improvised missile failed to find its target and Abdul Ahad Jan, who had chanted "We want freedom" and waved a black flag (a symbol of Kashmiri separatism) was quickly overpowered by bodyguards.

The incident was captured live on Indian television and prompted several thousand people to descend on Jan's home village of Ajas, twenty five miles) north of Srinagar. Women showered flowers on Jan's wife, Bega Jan, and kissed and hugged her. Others beat drums outside her home and the crowd chanted "Long live Ahad Jan."

Indian security forces arrest young Kashmiri boys in Srinagar, Kashmir, on Monday 16th August 2010.

A Photograph
Srinagar parents report that many teenagers have gone missing during the anti-Indian unrest in Kashmir.

A Photograph
Kashmiri boy injured in clashes with Indian security forces in Srinagar, Kashmir, on Monday 16th August 2010.

A Photograph

India's backyard slaughterhouse in Kashmir: The Tiger has never been so wild. The Kashmir valley hosts the biggest, bloodiest and most obscure military occupation in the world. With more than 80,000 people dead in an anti-India insurgency backed by Pakistan, the killing fields of Kashmir dwarf those of Palestine and Tibet.
In addition to the everyday régime of arbitrary arrests, curfews, raids, and checkpoints enforced by nearly 700,000 Indian soldiers, the valley's four million Muslims are exposed to extra-judicial execution, rape and torture, with variations such as live electric wires being inserted into penises.

India has contained the insurgency provoked in 1989 by its rigged elections and massacres of protestors. The hundreds of thousands of demonstrators that fill the streets of Kashmir's cities today are overwhelmingly young, many in their teens, and armed with nothing more lethal than stones. The Indian state seems determined to strangle their voices. Already in the summer of 2010, the Indian military have shot dead more than fifty protestors, most of them teenagers.

Kashmir has a well-educated Muslim population, heterodox and pluralist by tradition and temperament, and desperate for genuine democracy. On Kashmir, India appears as evasive as their Chinese peers are on Tibet. But the massive non-violent protests in Kashmir since 2008 haven't released a Tibet-style flood of worldwide sympathy. Kashmiri Muslims are bitter. The West doesn't care. The Western media neglects the story. Kashmir has turned out to be a great suppression narrative.

The choleric TV anchors, partisan journalists and opinion-mongers of India's corporate media routinely amplify the falsehoods and deceptions of Indian intelligence agencies in Kashmir. But blaming Pakistan or Islamic fundamentalists has got much harder for the Indian government, which has long denied the great extent to which Kashmiris want rid of India. The Indian media now acts in concert with the government to deny any legitimacy to protests in Kashmir. In Kashmir, the net effect is deeper anger and alienation. Kashmiris hold India's journalists as responsible as its politicians for muzzling and misinterpreting them. Liberated from political deceptions, the young men on the streets of Kashmir today seem simply to want to express their hatred of the Indian state's impersonal brutality, and to commemorate lives freshly ruined by it. More Kashmir background
here (15.08.10), here (09.08.10), here (02.08.10), here (01.08.10), here (May 2008) and here (2007).

A shoe flies through the air in Kashmir. A Kashmiri policeman threw it. Indian establishment stooge Omar Abdullah was the target.
A photograph. The brown shoe can be seen at the top of the picture. On Sunday 15th August 2010, a Kashmiri policeman hurled a brown shoe towards the dais where Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister,
Omar Abdullah, was taking salute after unfurling the Indian national flag at the Indian Independence Day function in the heavily-guarded Bakhshi Stadium, Srinagar, Kashmir.
Kashmir flying shoe news here. Sunday 15th August 2010.

The Hindu (Srinagar) reports. More
here (15.08.10). Since Friday 11th June 2010, fifty five anti-Indian Kashmiri demonstrators have been killed, most of them shot dead by Indian security forces. Many Kashmiri teenagers have gone missing during the unrest. The Kashmir valley is technically a part of India, but it is a disputed territory. The largely Muslim population wants out. Culturally and spiritually it feels closer to Pakistan. Others feel that Kashmir should be an independent state. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir, in 1947, 1965 and 1999. Update here (16.08.10).

AB comment: From the point of view of the military in India, Pakistan and China, there is a massive unspoken security complication in the Kashmir valley region: an active extraterrestrial UFO base in the Indian military security zone in Ladakh. This is a remote mountainous area immediately to the east of Kashmir between the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges. In 2004, the India Daily website reported that most major national governments were being contacted at senior level by advanced, benign extraterrestrials. In India, the ETs were making contact through the ground radar stations of the military. This was happening most in the Indian military security zone in Ladakh.

At present, the Indian government has a covert project working on advanced alternative energy sources. It is suggested that this may involve off-planet technologies reverse-engineered from Indian ET artefacts, or gifted through a direct ET teaching-input. The Indian government is spending large sums of money improving the Kashmir and Ladakh road infrastructure for reasons that are not yet clear.

On the 6th January 2005, India Daily carried an article headed: "India may be the first country to explain to the world about extraterrestrial and UFO contacts." It was reported at that time that there was a large, secret, internal debate going on within the Indian government and security services. On one side were the democrats who wanted to begin to disclose to the public accurate information about ongoing top-level contacts with benign extraterrestrials and UFOs. On the other side were the Indian adherents to a Western cabal-manufactured covert international protocol prohibiting any national government from making such information public.

This top-down enforced Western non-disclosure policy is becoming increasingly untenable in India because of the multiplicity of recent explicit UFO sightings. In Ladakh, for example, the local population is daily accustomed to the sight of large triangular spacecraft coming out of an underground base, the access to which is guarded by Indian security personnel. More here (19.12.04) and here (06.01.05).
Vermont Law School (South Royalton, Vermont, USA)
A photograph
William Mitchell College of Law (St Paul, Minnesota, USA)

A photograph
Vermont Law School and William Mitchell College of Law not willing to take institutional bribes from US Military. US Secretary of Defense cuts off contract and grant funding.

This document was published on Monday 9th August 2010 to identify US institutions of higher education which are ineligible for contracts and grants by reason of a determination by the US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, that the institution prohibits or in effect prevents US military recruiter access to the campus, students on campus or student directory information. It also implements the requirements set forth in section 983 of title 10, United States Code, and 32 CFR part 216. The institutions of higher education so identified are the Vermont Law School, South Royalton, Vermont; and the William Mitchell College of Law, St Paul, Minnesota. For further information contact: Lieutenant Colonel Paul Nosek on (703) 695-5529 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (703) 695-5529      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

The constitutional illegality of the major western nations is feeding scandals which are seeping through Europe and America
"The remnants of the dark's power are fading, and as a result your realm wallows in a sort of limbo. Our Earth allies are not yet finished with the process that is to bring on the downfall of the dark cabalists, but be assured that they cannot stop what is now well underway. Once these historic momentums have reached their goal, the announcements and deliveries will proceed immediately. The constitutional illegality of the major western nations is feeding scandals which are seeping through Europe and America. The very nature of these governments serves to support special interests that fly in the face of the principles laid down many centuries ago. New governance truly dedicated to the people's welfare is desperately needed and forms part of the sweeping agenda of our Earth allies. These new governments are a prime component of the next stage of your journey to galactic society. You now stand on the cusp of great revelations, and we have come to share your journey's end. We come with advice and knowledge, and to restore the memories that will make you fully conscious citizens of this galaxy. In this capacity you are to use your wondrous talents to complete a permanent galactic peace and to spread throughout physicality the great Light that each of you holds ...."

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