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Monday, August 16, 2010

CASPER 08-16-10

The 'Tribunal' was replaced with a new 'Tribunal' last week. WE maintained silence expecting them to straighten things out.

They told us the packs had left the Pentagon for delivery today.
They lied.
The packs are still in the Pentagon.
China, the Commies, are working with our COMMUNIST PRESIDENT to stop deliveries. They and he and all 'the usual suspects' have continued around the clock trade attempts, all are blocked. The 'New Tribunal" consist of many from the 'Old Tribunal' plus new members who WE can now confirm have 'been in on' the ongoing attempts to trade Opium = Other Peoples Money.
The Pentagon was expecting the replacement cards and intended to destroy them again. The New Tribunal wants the replacement cards delivered to them, WE are unsure of the reason why. The 'issuer' will not deliver the cards to anyone other than the rightful recipients as they trust no one.
The Countries are again doing all possible to see that deliveries get done so they can then receive their funds.
This Financial WAR has been scheduled for completion many times only to be extended by the ongoing sabotage over and over again and obviously it is not over with yet.
More when possible.
casper 8-16-10

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