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Monday, August 16, 2010


Do you think our King and Queen give a damn what we think of their absurd vacation schedule at taxpayer expense? Having just returned from Spain where tens of millions of taxpayer funds provided the Queen a high old time, they were off to Florida over the weekend and next week its back to Martha's Vineyard - again. There are no limits, and no shame.
So far this year THE CORPORATION, in addition to spending every dime obtained from every source such as taxes, has managed to spend 1.2 Trillion it did not have. These deficits are then added to the liabilities of future generations. It is not much of an exaggeration to say "we are eating our children". What do you suppose they will manage to 'accomplish' during the remainder of this year?
As the son of a WW II Vet and father of a Marine, thinking about the POLITICIANS WHO RUN THE PENTAGON makes me physically ill. Our loved ones risking their lives for their country deserve better.
Apparently 1% of the kool-aid drinkers have completed 're-hab' as for the first time ever the Ayatola's approval rating has fallen below 43%, to 42%.
First he says yes, he wants the Mosque at ground zero. Next day he changes it saying ' I meant to say they have the right, I was not addressing the issue of should they on which I have no opinion' (shades of Illinois/Can't make up mind either way). Do you remember what he said before being elected? "If push comes to shove I will stand with the Muslims" (this is in one of his books as I recall). Now for you 42% willing to give him the benefit of the doubt preferring to believe that he mis-spoke, I refer you to the under reported fact that he spoke at a Muslim Dinner celebrating Ramadan a few days ago where there was no ambiguity in his remarks what-so-ever, he said he wanted the Mosque at ground zero. Does this mean Obama is a Muslim, or simply a 'normal' Politician who says different things to different audiences? Because he is unwilling to repeat publicly and stand by what he says at a private dinner he is, in my opinion, a spineless jellyfish, Muslim or otherwise.
As Obama traveled the country last week attempting to convince audiences in several cities his economic policies are working, did you notice his use of 'teleprompters' at each stop? A man who has 'the courage of his convictions' does not need a teleprompter in order to repeat the same speech over and over again.
Where do you suppose the Bugle Boy, Biden, has been hiding lately? And Hillary?
During the BP oil spill someone with 'credentials', I forget who, said the spill would cause a dramatic rise in Gulf Coast Area Temperatures. He said two per cent would be hard to manage and he was expecting 4% to 7%. From Florida to Texas record temperatures are occurring almost every day. Water temp in some areas is 92 degrees. What do you reckon is the 'real' reason the relief well has not been completed after all these weeks? Something smells besides the water.
Remember friends, Action-Reaction. This mornings update addressed Action, Reaction is underway.
casper 8-16-10 opinion

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