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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Are you aware that Fourwinds has retained the work of "S" in its archives where you may still access the 'foundational' education he provided all of us before going into exile?
His work covered many subjects dealing with the legal history of how our country was stolen from us, how the Constitution was suppressed/defeated, the facts about our 'Lieber Code' Congress (Martial Law), Emergency Powers of the Executive still in effect and so many other vitally important subjects for those who were willing to educate themselves.
It was "S" who provided all of us the Dun&Bradstreet proof of our Country's Incorporation including every department and agency of the Government, even the Oval Office, thousands of Companies, actually tens of thousands of Companies, Incorporated, and replacing our Constitutional Government against the wishes of our Founding Fathers as discussed in the 'Federalist Papers'.
We have all suffered, few more so than "S".
An e-mail making the rounds now directs the reader to the following address, http://adask.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/somethin-funnys-goin-on/ which will provide you a 'digestible summary' of this one portion of the teachings of "S" although it is unrelated to "S" in any way. PLEASE do yourself a great favor by visiting this site and once again proving to yourself the legitimacy of what he taught and our updates constant references to the CORPORATION of The United States. ANY DOUBTS you may retain will be eliminated. ALL Politicians know the truth of this and none will discuss it, not even Ron Paul.

Nancy Pelosi must surely be the most disgusting Liberal in the history of the Congress. She is calling for a financial investigation of those who oppose the Mosque at ground zero. She is the 'face' (along with Obama) of the Police State 'they' are in the process of implementing. The parts of the 'plan' which are public are SHOCKING. The parts which have not been made public by the Marxist/Communist Mainstreet Media controlled by the same Radical Subversives as is the Democrat Party are even worse, much worse. By the time you are allowed to know "Whets in the Bill" it will be to late, it will all be LAW.  It boils down to the INTENTIONAL PREPLANNED DESTRUCTION OF FREEDOM AND CAPITALISM which is to be replaced by a Communist State run by Extreme Left Wing Elites who are committed to the 'stealth' implementation of 'the plan' as they realize the people would revolt if they could clearly see all the 'pieces' being put into place simultaneously. THE PLAN is all that matters to them, Politicians charged with implementing The Plan are expendable. 'The Plan' is pure unadulterated Communism from start to finish.

It is in equal parts Amazing and Appalling that 43% of the American People can not see that 'Change' and 'Takeover' are synonymous in ObamaWorld. As more and more of the unemployed are moved onto Government Payrolls due to the destruction of the Private Sector due to Obama's Policies, the resulting ever expanding non-productive Government Sector will soon overwhelm the Private Sectors ability to fund and support them. Result? Communism.  'The Plan' wins, Obama wins. The Weathermen Underground and the Columbia Professors who drew up 'The Plan' win. Extreme Left Wing Radicals, also known as Communist, win. Do you think it was an 'accident' Obama was ranked the most Far Left Liberal in the Senate each year he was there? The Plan, HIS Plan, is no accident either. Yes, 57% is greater than 43%. By the time that vote is taken it will no longer matter, 'The Plan' will be LAW.

Want to see how its done 'on the inside'? Read 'Obama's Personal Payoff Bailouts' now appearing on Fourwinds. 
I Double Dog Dare you.

                casper   8-19-10   opinion

p.s. Today has a nine in it.

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