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Sunday, August 22, 2010

POOF REPORT 08-22-10

Greetings and Salutations:

Well, here's another damn newsletter LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Hey, I didn't want to

have to do another one either but things happen on the way to the forum and I'm
assured this was minor and 'we're there' anyhow. So after a hiatus of almost
five years on this program and no deliveries, all the kinks and the crap has
been eliminated so now everything can finish without further interruption, thank
you very much. No matter what you may hear, in the media or even across all
these little rumor lines, things are much more orderly than you are given to
believe. Albeit, it has taken all this length of time to accomplish all that
needed to be completed, there was never an 'if' that was involved. We are
living in those 'interesting times' that the Chinese always talk about.

About ten years ago, when I began the writing, I kept pointing you to a time and

what it would look like when the time was actually here. Those who talked to MK
used to hear the same: massive confusion to the point of believing that it
would never happen. From what I was watching over the last few days, there's no
doubt that we have arrived at that location. Frankly, because of the predicament
the world is in, it is fear that is ruling. As roosevelt said, 'there is nothing
to fear but fear itself'. As the native american shamans teach, you turn your
back on the 'bogey-man' and walk away. Misery loves company, so why not starve

It is not about this 'not happening', it's about the fact that it 'is', and it's

personal. It really isn't about what anybody else is doing or thinks, it's
about you. The people behind all this happening knew that you have good hearts
and you would do the right thing if given the chance. So with their muscle and
clout, they've removed the problems you would have encountered had they not done
that. I have talked to many of you personally and know you have great things to
do in this world if given the chance. With all of this comes the freedom and
space to do that.

How could I describe to you the 'land of milk and honey'? It remains abstract

until it is experienced. And experiencing it, is what is about to happen to
you. It is so hard for you to imagine anything without somebody having an
ulterior motive that involves taking something from you. Yet that is what is
taking place for you now. It's about the return of your freedom, as well as, an
explanation as to why they were taken from you in the first place, this is what
the bad guys have always feared and why they have fought so hard to stay in
power. You cannot control the educated and the self-aware. I must say, they
have done a bang up job trying. Even still, with all that has been done for the
last hundred and some odd years, 'something' remained burning within you
demanding freedom. The more enlightened know that and are ready for this
radical shift from the past.

There's a lot out here to be 'mad about' and you can spend the rest of your days

being angry but, then if you hold anger, there's no room for joy. What a
pickle. So you have more decisions to make. Are you going to spend the rest of
your days seeking revenge or are you just going to walk away and enjoy yourself?
Remember what they sow they will reap and you don't have to do a thing. It's
karma, baby, whatever comes around, goes around. There's a difference between a
circle and a spiral. We are spiraling up and that's why many will be left
behind. That is also the power behind the statement by the master: 'love your
neighbor as yourself'....unless you hate yourself.

There isn't much I can say at this point because the end is here. You will

receive your gifts and then you have a lot of thinking to do. How will you
proceed into your future when you have no more blocks to stop you? The reality
of true freedom and not the stuff the government talks about, will be your
challenge and your joy. There is no reason to hurry, methodically take care of
your business and, then sit down and ponder what your next moves will be. I have
fulfilled my promise. I got you to the river. Peace be, to one and all. Give
yourself a pat on the back...you have accomplished more than you know. Now you
will step into that brave new world..'charter members of the new frontier'.

Consultations for those who need them available by emailing this address while

I'm still here. Somebody will reach you.

Love and Kisses,


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