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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Handover – Light takes over the reins from the Dark.

from RMN
Posted By: X_Hermes <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 28-Aug-2010 04:44:52
At this moment, all is poised once again for rapid change – change that will take humanity into a new era. From outside this change may well appear chaotic, but behind this chaos is the ‘hand over’ from the dark to the light, and all that is implied by this realigning of polarities.
With many changes of this nature, they happen at an energetic level first, before they manifest into the physical. With this hand-over, the energetic level is complete, the physical level to play for and under way. As we might imagine, this physical level of handover is not without its resistance: indeed, this is a masterly understatement! For it is to be ‘game over’: we merely then need to return the pieces from the game-board temporarily to the box, so that an entirely new game can be announced. It will not be based in duality, is already set up and merely awaiting the arrival of players!
The issue with polarities is that they tend to swing from one to the other, with regularity. But in this case, there is a ‘fix’: a much higher level of consciousness is entering the fray, and is in process to completely change the energetic infrastructure that holds 'reality' in place for planet Earth. This consciousness, at least from the Earthly standpoint, is the Godhead, grounding in the physical planet in a fully-present state which is new. And unique for such a dense physical environment.
The effect of this is to transform the duality into a new energetic structure based in trinity. Unlike duality, trinity is completely stable.
While this may sound important for our planet – which it is – it is far more so for our Universe. Earth is the lowest frequency / highest density in which sentient beings have tested themselves. The test, for us, has been a long drawn-out affair spanning thousands of lives for each individual, and struggles with the dark that, in many of these lives, have been mammoth. Because part of the test, the ‘game-plan’ if you will, has been to forget each life once it is completed, we really have no idea what we have been through. Which is probably just as well, since the sum total of experiences for each individual has been traumatic beyond belief, beyond anything we can vision – and beyond any previous experiential path, regardless of where in the Universe one might look. Ladies and gentlemen, as far as other realities see things, it appears that we having been treading the path of heroes!
We came to Earth to go through the process of individuation, one that would cast us, for all time, in the mould of creators. Large numbers of us are now in the process of graduating. Mortar boards are being donned. Graduation robes brushed down and degree certificates prepared. This graduation is to be like no other before it. The graduates, after a very long and extremely challenging course, will be genuinely free beings, gifted with powers many of which we currently have no frame of reference to even understand.
The impact is Universal, the time is immediately ahead of us. Not some other life or distant place, but here, NOW.
Xavier Hermes
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