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Friday, August 20, 2010


How can the 'Average American' be expected to see through the double talk and outright lies she/he sees on television every day?
When the President takes to the microphone on his way to another 10 day vacation at Martha's Vineyard to say 'the Republicans are blocking legislation to help small business' is it reasonable to expect the casual listener, dead tired from a full day of job hunting, to know that the President is playing fast and loose with the facts?
It is not a Bill to help small business that's being debated, it is another Bank Bailout Bill totaling 30 Billion 'this time'. Thirty, forty, fifty Billion a week, every week, all billed to future generations of taxpayers for short term desperately needed political gain. The assumption by Obama that if the Banks are given still more taxpayer money they will suddenly start lending it to small business is Bullchit.
Has the previous Trillion given Banks by Obama found its way to small business?
Politics is one thing, Obama intentionally misleading his uninformed constituents day after day after day another.
He is without question the greatest master of 'spin' this writer has ever seen on top of which he is a Pathological LIAR. 

Another example of 'Liberal Spin', or more truthfully, Liberal Lies, is the overnight statement from Maui by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy saying 'terrorist held at GITMO can be tried fairly in 'Article III Courts' leading the uninformed listener to think such Courts actually exist. Article III (Constitutional) Courts were taken over by Maritime/ Admiralty Law and Judges who act in the capacity of a Ships Captain inside their Court Rooms in addition to which the Federal Courts have been Incorporated just like everything else making them 'profit centers' for the Judges. This is not 'spin' and this is not 'politics', it is Liberal Lies dumped upon an uninformed citizenry every single day. And if it were 'Republicans' in power as with eight years of Bush it would make no difference whatsoever as it is 'the system' which transcends elections. EDUCATION of the people is the answer, but it is not allowed as the Media is in the hands of the same Lying Liberals.

In the same vein notice that no matter how egregious and corrupt the behavior of Financial Institutions all charges/lawsuits etc. are always settled with a Fine, not jail time.
This week Barclays was 'fined'  200+++Million for something or other, another Court is upping a CITI Fine from the current negotiated 'settlement' of 75 Million.
It does not matter what any of them do so long as they pay the 'Government' its 'Commissions' as defined by the 'for profit' Courts or the Agencies such as the SEC which levels a steady flow of Fines generating huge sums for themselves and the Government. Always, always, the guilty walk free. Make a couple of Billion Illegally? No problem, just pay the CORPORATION and its Agents pretending to be legitimate Government its usual ten percent cut, called a Fine, pocket 1.8B and walk free. This method of 'doing business' has been copied all the way down to the local level where citizens cars, computers, etc. are seized on 'suspicion' of this or that, often without charges much less convictions. Whereas at the upper levels Business Fines support the Judges, their Courts and the Govt Agencies in high style, at the lower levels it is 'the people' who represent the 'pot of gold' to be pillaged by anyone with a badge, a gun and a Gold Fringed Flag.

                 casper   8-20-10   opinion

p.s. Today is the day after a day with a nine in it.

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