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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The PLUNDER of taxpayers by Public Service Unions approved and encouraged by the President is so out of control that Cities, Counties and States are being bankrupted one after another.

This mornings example is El Segundo, Calif., population 19,000 where the police chief is paid $425,000. annually and is allowed to 'accumulate' thousands and thousands of additional hours of 'vacation time' and 'sick leave time' further increasing his income.
In this small town many City Employees are paid more than $250,000. annually and 'meter readers' are paid $70,000. annually. This is happening nationwide with 'public service' employees getting rich in a hurry at taxpayer expense.
When the inevitable financial breakdown approaches the President and Democrat Controlled Congress then funds hundreds of Billions of taxpayer dollars directly to the Unions to keep 'the gravy train' rolling which in turn guarantees the financial failure of the City or State caught up in these Union Contract Scandals. This "buys" almost 100% of Union Voters for the Democrat Party all at taxpayer expense and is the primary 'driver' causing companies to move offshore and 'locks in' top down Political/Union Corruption on a scale which is bankrupting the entire country. It destroys 'capitalism' subtly as 'the people' learn it is more profitable to have a straw in the 'public trough' at exorbitant salaries than to actually 'work for a living'. Then, as Tocqueville and so many others have observed, 'Democracy's' failure is guaranteed to quickly follow. This is where we are now as a nation. The Political Establishment is so overwhelmingly corrupt they have bought election and re-election to office at the expense of Freedom and our country's future. It is clever and subtle but not invisible. 'There are none so blind as those who will not see'. We now approach the moment when it will no longer matter what we see or don't see, it will simply be to late.
Even ICE employees (who are union) are saying publicly they have no confidence in ICE Management or the Obama Administration and claim they are not being allowed to enforce existing immigration law. When the Border Patrol Agents themselves go public with such as this surely we as citizens can observe that what is happening on our Southern Border is intentional. This is but one of a laundry list of policies which portend the destruction of our country and shows quite clearly, in my opinion, that Obama is either a Traitor or else he is Stark Raving Mad. OR, perhaps he is just following his instructions and the 'plan'?
Porter Stansberry (financial writer) points out today the U.S. must 'roll over' (borrow) 2 Trillion in Debt during the next 12 months while financing with new borrowings another 1.5 Trillion to finance Obama's Deficit Spending, 3.5T total in 12 months. And, the U.S. is offering spectacular returns of almost 2% on its two year Treasuries. All this at a time when China, Japan, Russia and India are cutting purchases of U.S. Debt. How you ask? Simple. Run the Fed Res printing presses full out 24/7, monetize the debt, crash the currency, create hyperinflation and starve the majority of people who can't afford groceries.
This may strike you as 'so many words' from so many different messengers right now but listen up friends, the handwriting is on the wall in capital letters. PREPARE. Something called the 'Hindenburg Omen' has just occurred in the stock market, the most feared indicator of coming collapse. Wealthy people with Gold Backed Funds eat well but how about your friends, your family, your neighbors?
The conversion of the U.S. into a Police State begun in earnest by Bush and his Patriot Act is being hurried up by Obama. Everything we say or do is to be monitored. Obama is pushing for access to all Internet Records without Court Approval. A simple NSL (National Security Letter) signed by a 'supervisor' (bureaurocrat) and delivered to your ISP gives them total access. All e-mails, instant messages, web sites visited, times, dates, every internet transaction, if you can name it they want immediate access to it with no fuss, no muss.
In writing the Government declared 'the people' to be the enemy of the State as described in detail in previous updates, now all those 'Laws' plus many new ones such as this one are being brought down upon the people making them little more than mice in a cage constructed by their own 'representatives'. The Beltway is a giant toilet seat, D.C. is a sewer. The Internet is the only remaining vehicle for a free flow of information and they intend to 'control' it just like everything else.
In the world being constructed by the Illuminati and their puppets such as Bush, Clinton, Obama and the Congress, "Freedom" is something you will remember vaguely as you try to explain 'the good old days' to your grandchildren.
Clinton was elected with 43% of the vote. Fox says Obama's approval rating is still 43% not the 42% reported yesterday which was quoting 'Gallop'. I am so disappointed. For a minute there I thought 'we' had managed to save one percent of 'them'.
casper 8-17-10 opinion

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