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I consider myself the "black sheep" of the family. I moved away from home when I was 19 and a year ago I decided it was time I moved back home....so glad to be among family and friends. I grew up playing the piano but haven't played in years. I have always thought outside the box, wanting to move to Boquete Panama, I am a tea party participant. I am a reiki master and I have 2 good guard dogs....a dachshund and Jack Russell terrorist. I go to alternative news websites daily for news (don't trust MSM to tell the truth). Operation mockingbird is a CIA operation that began in the '40's to control the media both foreign and domestic. This is why I go to alternative news websites. For an excellent article to read on the subject I suggest http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_louise_01_03_03_mockingbird.html


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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Nouriel Roubini says that the risk of a double dip recession in advanced economies such as the US, Japan and the Eurozone has now risen to forty percent.
With endless lies bombarding the average American from all sides seeking to instill a false sense of calm that all is good, it is wise to step back and consider the common sense signals that a double dip is, if not here already, then arriving on the next much delayed flight. You know we're headed for a double-dip when your chief financial officer starts making fingerquotes when he refers to "corporate earnings", your accountant starts making fingerquotes when he refers to your "net worth", your spouse starts making fingerquotes when referring to "our vacation", you start making fingerquotes when referring to your five-year-old's "allowance", your mortgage shows up on eBay and your family dog asks for a severance package. More here (17.08.10). Etymological appendix: A fingerquote is a set of two virtual quotation marks traced theatrically in the air with one's fingers when engaged in equivocal discourse. Fingerquotes may also be referred to as ersatz quotes or air quotes. Here is a poor-quality photograph of a male human being of undisclosed status making fingerquotes to a bespectacled and partially unshaven male interlocutor viewed from behind. Adjust punctuation to taste.

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