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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Restore America Plan - Unofficial Update 8/23/10

from RMN
Restore America Plan (RAP) Update 08/23/10 - Changes Big Time, Have Faith!

Executive Summary - Tim Turner the Interim president of the Republic of the united States has resigned from what we know. It appears that Regan Reedy and Tom Schulz have also resigned but for different reasons. The de jure grand juries have been told to go dormant and no longer function. There is a new plan being worked with a better lawful constitutional format in that RAP was actually defective legally although not really known to the RAP Guardian elders at the time. We will go through some of the points below.
The new structure will be bottom up managed and led. Those at the top will not be dictating. There will be no more secrets. It looks like there is military support transferring over. The military is in a bad way now with the unqualified muslim Kenyan president leading them to their deaths in wars for the bankers and industrialists.
The Defect – The original constitution was never really ratified correctly. Thus, one cannot have a de jure constitutional government. Oh, what a web they wove! That is why the freemason, Benjamin Franklin, said, "You have a constitutional government, if you can keep it." Remember that the founding fathers were by and large members of secret societies, Masons. The secret society people have been tormenting the people of the country for centuries. Almost every president was a member of one of these secret societies. These secret society members are in numerous secret societies; the names of these societies are not important and many of the political leaders are members of several of these secret societies. This was a serious constitutional defect.
Members of secret societies have an allegiance to the society, and the members of that society, that supersedes any allegiance, or oath, taken to any other entity. Members of secret societies should not be allowed to hold public offices, or serve as jury members, due to these blood oaths they take that supersede any other allegiances. They are not trustworthy. This is where the problem was at onset, and is still there today. The people were led to believe that there is a Constitution in place when it was never really ratified; thus, just a piece of paper as George Bush said, since it is not ratified correctly by the Congress back then. Rather than try to explain this to you in great detail I will give you the link to hear Dr. Livingston discuss this on a talkshoe call:
RAP was told about the defect, but they did not all really grasp the fullness of it. RAP was told by a knowledgeable person in Australia that all they were doing was funding the de facto government. The legal basis of what they were doing was faulty. The de facto government would have had to take a few steps back, but was worth it to them to get funded for another run at trying to take over the world and bring doom and gloom on the world. Maybe a few years down the road, they would have eroded things back to the terrorist de facto government. The de facto government really has no lawful standing, but RAP did not either. The de facto government has no real power except de facto power.
Was RAP being used by the de facto Government? - This is possibly true. You should listen to the recording done by Regan, link follows:
Some interesting points Regan makes was that, he and Turner, were involved with getting funding from foreign sources. The sources were private parties, not official government sources. In some countries, the two are the same thing. Tim chose to say governments; Regan has no idea why since he negotiated with these sources for some six weeks. Tim said these sources wanted to see an interim government in place before funding. Regan said - in six weeks of negotiations he heard nothing of this? So, it seems Tim created this for some reason? Moving along, the theory is that they would use RAP to obtain funding for the de facto government. The only way to fix the de facto government is with an outside injection of many trillions of dollars, no other way. So along comes RAP. They create a faulty structure and then get funding. Remember, Tim was going to continue with the IRS, Homeland Security, Dept. of Education, etc. OK! Perhaps for transition sake, but now it appears he was trying to keep the de facto government around to some extent. HE talked on a continuing income tax and a transition of some eight years.
We ran an article about the illegality of the US Marshal Service since they usurp power from the States by giving their marshals the power of the sheriff in any county they happen to set foot in. Then Turner said something about incorporating the US Marshals Service into the de jure office. We tried to keep giving RAP the benefit of the doubt, because the alternative with Obama is really life-threatening for much of the world. We really bent over backwards to support RAP but enough is enough. We heard some of the Grand Juries were trying to indict Turner, and he broke up the Grand Juries. Then the Grand Jury members left, perhaps 30% to 40% of them, and started to organize on their own. I got reports of Turner promoting a government healthcare plan and was interested in a war on drugs. What, not legalizing drugs? We kept quiet hoping the Military would throw the bums out of office, and then there would be elections in six months and things could get better. We got a copy of a leaked Security Council document talking of lifetime appointments. Turner denied this was a real document; others offer differing positions. Not sure what to think, but looks more and more like the de facto government was trying to raise funding this way, or, at least, perverted Turner and were using him.
Maybe Turner was compromising too much to see RAP complete the job; I do not know for sure but suspect the dark side to be the case now. Perhaps, they grabbed onto RAP, which started innocently enough and perverted it. How? Well, they would need an agent loyal to them who would quash anyone who showed any ability to think for themselves, and not follow their man blindly. First, we saw Sam Kennedy go and he took one-third of the Grand Jurors with him. Then, State Coordinators, Grand Jurors, and others left. We heard of secret Executive Committees and knew not who was on them or where these people came from. Now, it has completely fallen apart as far as we can tell. I would be rather confident that the Military is not with any remnants of RAP at this point. The secrecy was the problem, which we said many times.
What About the Military – Well, the Military was involved. Regan says they were protected by the military, so there was military support. Regan was one of the Four Guardian Elders, by the way. Now, Regan goes on to say that the Military did not want RAP done the way it was done. They wanted State Militias to be formed. Well, there are about 13 States with State Militias, but they are barely populated, have little equipment, little training, etc., and they report to the de facto Governor of the State. These de facto Governors see fit to deploy the “other” State Militias (National Guard) overseas illegally. They are not talking about the National Guard here; they mean real State Militias reporting to a de jure Governor voted into office by the soon-to-come State Assemblies. We heard some about State Militias in the news some months ago, as RAP was just getting noticed by the people:
14 United State Governors : Reestablish State Militia Defense Forces
To Be Ready Against Federal Forces!

This was an atypical article explaining to us about the State Militias. There was a rumor that Obama was threatening to arrest any Governor using their State Militia powers.
So, they are scared of We The People.
The New Plan – The new plan really has no name yet. It is not RAP or Republic of united States. It is going to be with power coming from the bottom up. RAP was top-down dictatorial. We though the Military was imposing this on them. Not so. The new plan will have no secrecy. Gosh, we were screaming all along about the evils of secrecy that sadly proved true. Had we had full disclosure, most would have either forced RAP to change, or left it. Secrecy is evil, and never lend any support to any movement that is running dark with secrecy; in fact, run the other way. Tell them, "OK! Fine! When you have restored the Republic, let us know; until then, keep your secrets to yourself, we have no interest in you or your movement.
The idea is to form State Assemblies. Anyone in the nation that is a Sovereign can join the State Assembly for their State. The State Assemblies will then ratify the Constitution correctly in a de jure manner. The Sssemblies can be, and are expected to be, way the heck bigger than 27 people. Then, the State Assemblies will elect a de jure lawful Governor. Then the Governor will take control over the State Militia. People will apparently be recruited into the Militia. I expect the already-in-place Militias around the country will de jure, merge themselves into these State Militias, plus many others of a like mind and will to stand up for freedom, will join the Militias. The Military proper will then insert themselves under the State Militias; this means arms, equipment, training, communications, intel, etc. The State Militias will execute orders from the de jure Governors who the State Assemblies elected. Then Military will then operate under the State Militias to protect the country from enemies, within and without. This is how the Military originally wanted it to go with RAP under State Militias. Turner and RAP thought this would scare the de facto government, so they refrained from associating with the Militias. They also refrained from associating with any other groups, not good. So this should still have Military support plus Militia support. It will be massive in size compared to RAP.
Treason, Sedition, etc – It appears that Turner never recovered any assets of the bandits impersonating government. They are still running with trillions. If you want a quick look at where they probably have a lot of their money, look at Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, being in the G-20, screaming for information-sharing for tax reasons through the OECD for other countries; Saudi Arabia itself chose to not allow any information-sharing regarding their bank accounts. Hmmm. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where their money is. See, they are stupid. The Queen of England bank accounts are, of course, another place to look, but slim chance one will ever get into those records. If they use her, then she controls their money; not all that likely, but entirely possible. Third choice is the Vatican Bank. I think this can be gotten into a lot easier than the Bank of England. As we said: the war with Iran is really to protect Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other dictatorships from the war machine Iran has built. Iran can only provoke Israel into destroying her on many levels, and thus presents no strategic threat.
OK! So now we are being told that ONLY the State Militia can conduct trials for sedition and treason (that took place inside the country, I assume). This comes from the Military. Thus, the Military proper, wanted the State Militias there, to place themselves under. Turner wanted peace, love and never spoke about treason and sedition trials. Treason and sedition trials are an important ingredient to guard against others doing the same thing if it stays in the history books. Also, it provides a legal remedy to recover ill-gotten money. Imagine, if the kids learned about people hanged for putting the de facto government in place, instead of chopping down some stupid cherry tree. I was hoping Turner was avoiding prosecutions as a way of making it easy for the culprits to give up and surrender their ill-gotten gains. It was apparently just a ploy to keep these guys around to play again another day down the road. It appears that the Military is interested in trials. Look at 9/11, especially, the false flag attack on the Pentagon. What about an unqualified Commander in Chief from Kenya who is a Muslim with background full of lies that is so bad he could not pass a background investigation to be a toll taker.
Do We Think RAP Was a Ploy at Onset - No. RAP revealed too much vital damaging information about the de facto government, although we now see that much of it was wrong. In any event, the damage was done in that many people now see the errors. We think that the de facto government heard about it, and tried to alter the course to suit their needs. This was possibly when Tim Turner was brought in. The de facto government is running scared right now.
Do We Think this New State Assemblies Movement is a Ploy? – No, we do not. Sure, you can say we were wrong about RAP; and, on this, we admit we were wrong about RAP. The secrecy was the problem. With full, open disclosure, we would never have fallen for RAP. We want change badly, as you do. We are sorry about the error with RAP, and we are going to keep trying until freedom is attained. Doing nothing is a fatal error. The new movement is again establishing errors the de facto government made. Their findings are consistent with my thinking, regarding the founding fathers being members of secret societies. The fellow, Dr. Livingston, has been working this movement since the 1990's. Now, combined with the former RAP people, it has legs. I expect these legs to grow hard and fast. It is said we will see the actual paperwork within one week. They know time is short. They are trying to blend this movement in with many other movements including the Militias, I understand. I would expect to see the county Grand Juries in this, as well as other groups. Remember, this is open, direct straight up.
Does This New Movement Have Military Support? – Possibly Military support will transfer over. I am not sure any of them emphatically knows where the Military is on this. RAP was a dismal failure, so they might be chomping at the bit to get a solution in place, or they might be running cautious. Time will tell, but there is going to be open disclosure. If there are any signs of running silent, the movement will be vacated by everyone in it now.
Will the New Plan Work Without Military? – We think so. We think this movement will have hundreds of thousands of sign-ups in days; eventually grow to the millions. Remember, they are going to use the State Militias big time. This will scare the de facto government people in a big way, right down to the county Court House.
Will the de facto Government Use Police and Military Against this Movement? – We, no doubt, think they would like to, but they have to be careful. There are 100 million gun owners in the USA, according to many. They say 3% of these people will do what happened in Paul Revere's day; that is, 3,000,000. This estimate now could have tripled by now. Obama is the perfect storm, remember that. He is a gift in this regards, making it easy to get people mobilized and march down to city hall - angry, ready for fast changes.
Will the Military Attack We the People for this Movement? - Doubt it highly. The parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and spouses of the Military live in the country. Their friends live in the country. They are not going to attack the people for the sake of the banksters, especially with perfect-storm Obama at the helm. When confronted, they will procrastinate and do nothing; possibly saying they refuse, or want to investigate the legality of the circumstances. Do not buy all this nonsense about the Military using weapons of mass destruction on the populace. They would be killing their friends and families and for whom – Obama? Come on.
The mid-line officers refused to follow his deployment orders to the Middle East, preferring to stand Court Martial instead. The Federal Police Agencies should not be relied on to do the right thing for their employers, the corporation; I doubt they will. But they are not a Military. They have shotguns, pistols and a few machine guns in 9mm and 10mm, maybe an armored car or two here and there. They have no Military might. These are not valiant courageous fighters who will never stand down against overwhelming odds. They greatly outnumber and outgun their adversaries, or they wait for more forces before deploying. Bullies and, to some large extent, cowards who are afraid to get into a real fight. If they have overwhelming odds, they will bully. If say 500 of them had to confront say 60 Militia, I would lay 10-to-1 odds they disband before engaging; or; maybe; do a Mexican standoff. If there were 200 militia against 500 of them, they would probably surrender, if they could not retreat, but they would never, ever engage. They are bullies when they have the odds and think no one will resist them. When the worm turns, they will be unreliable defenders for their masters, just cashing their paychecks for as long as they can. Think of it as your tax dollars at rest. I expect few will defect.
Remember, they live in our communities. If they are going to engage the Assemblies and Militia, they will need to relocate their families to secure bases. Look for this as a warning sign. The state, county, city, sheriffs, marshals, troopers and police will probably never raise arms. They will first try to just sit tight on the sidelines and cash their paychecks. Many will defect from the de facto and come over. Many Agencies themselves may convert to de jure. They are not going to be a problem; and, expect them to be allies, maybe not the first day but very soon. They are also highly teachable, so consider outreach early on. You think the NYPD and NYFD is enjoying the Obama-endorsed mosque going up near 9/11 after all the guys they lost? Reach out to these folks early.
Do We Think This New Plan Will Lead to Fighting? – No. Resistance will be futile for them. Remember the Militias are in place already, just need to be organized under the State Assemblies-elected Governors. It is important the movement run at a very fast pace, extremely fast. Also, bear in mind numerous other organizations are joining in as a collective, so the size at onset will be massive compared to RAP. This will grow at an amazing pace. It should work with transparency, since this enables us to get people involved.
What About Funding? – OK! Let Regan and Tom deal with this, along with others. There are ways to attach the funds the de facto guys stole. Any offshore-asset-protection law firm could explain how. Basically, you get orders from a de jure court and serve them on the foreign country where their funds are kept. Cutting through anonymous corps, trusts, foundations can be done if you know how; and, it is driven by a national government on charges like treason, extortion, sedition, genocide, murder, terrorism, etc. If the country, where the money is, does not cooperate, then you break relations with them, sue them for conspiracy, start blocking their wire transfers, and even grab funds and assets they have in other nations. If the gloves are off, there is no resistance, rest assured. Instead of giving money to the de facto government, we can all contribute what we can to jumpstart the government; others will want to contribute. Let's worry about this as we go. Let's go from A to B before we worry about J and K.
Do We Think RAP is Over? – We do. We have not heard from RAP. We used to be contacted numerous times per week by RAP people at various levels, which has stopped. We contacted RAP for answers on things in this article - got nothing back. We are hearing Turner resigned. We think RAP has had its day. If anyone in RAP has contrary information, we wish to hear it.
Do We Think That RAP People Will Be Arrested? – Emphatically, no! If there was no new movement, this would be a strong possible. Arrests would drive a new movement fast and hard, not the opposite. Remember, merging with the Militia is not just them coming into the fold, it is many others showing support and need of them. If you think the de facto government is not afraid of you, you are wrong. They are extremely afraid of you, as evidenced by their unrelenting desire to take your guns away. They are stupid. They are lazy. They like to consume alcohol and drugs. They seem to be unfaithful in their marriages, and like to have sex with children. They like statues, secrets and symbolism. This is your enemy. Respect the propensity for extreme violence. They are cruel, and will press hard; and, be very slow to give up, but they will give up. Do not believe they are smart. Also there are very few of them, maybe two or three thousand; some say two or three hundred.
What to Do? – Don't mourn RAP. Don't feel sorry for yourselves as if all is lost. Regroup immediately into the new movement, and keeping pressing on for a Constitutional Government. The founding fathers sure had their struggles, until they got free, if they ever really got free, which is now the topic. March on and keep you eye on freedom.
A Word to Those in the New Movement – Contact us so we can make people aware of the movement. We tried reaching out already, and got no answer. Talk to us.
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