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Friday, August 13, 2010

casper #1 08-13-10

After the Pentagon delivered various 'Trigger Pack' cards to the White house, Treasury and the Fed Res and their constant attempts to access failed, they were given the 'codes' to allow access so that they might see for themselves the balances would read $000.00 as the cards had been cancelled just as they were told.

Having failed at this latest endeavor the Military then agreed they would go ahead and deliver the Freedom Packs thinking the replacement cards would be in the packs and they could play the same game all over again. When they learned the packs were being sent to recipients without new cards and would therefore have nothing available to STEAL they suddenly decided this morning they would not deliver after all.
The packs are in D.C. this morning.
'Hold your water' friends, Action-Reaction.
casper 8-13-10

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