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Monday, August 2, 2010

casper 08-01-10 #2

It's Sunday night and the packs are still in the Pentagon.

Obama and the Generals in the Pentagon are saying the Tribunal/Court are nothing but a bunch of old windbags and are going to do nothing. Both are continuing to say, just as they have always said, that we recipients will never see the deliveries.

WE don't know what will happen next. This is the business of the whole world and its various 'power players' not just 'our business'. Virtually all 'the bad guys' have been named here at one time or another. They have one or two things in common. They don't want anyone to receive as the funds would no longer be available for attempted thefts or trades and, they are desperate to retain their basis/source/foundation of personal power and political power, the Fiat Monetary System. As the son of an Army man and the father of a Marine I always held out hope than when push really came to shove the Military would honor their oaths to the Constitution. That now appears to have been a naive dream. Their loyalty is to the Corporation and Money, money already paid and yet to be paid.

Its always been a case of 'action'- 'reaction', so now we wait for the reaction and will report same when possible.

                    casper   8-1-10   #2

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