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Thursday, August 5, 2010

casper 08-05-10

Mr. Big, the China Man causing the recent delays, name is LI or LEE or LEI or LIE. WE are unsure of the spelling.

He is continuing to make an ASS of himself today having ordered the carrier to return the packs to the Pentagon. It does not matter whether he is still here or doing this from abroad.

He is saying the recipients will never see the packs until HIS TERMS are met. He is demanding 68% of all funds for Himself, the Queen and the Banks. All are DESPERATE for funds and are again trying to hold the (trigger) packs hostage to their demands as voiced by him. He/they are continuing with the trade attempts.

He has been told no, he will never obtain 'other peoples funds' nor will he be able to get a trade done. Her Ladyship has gone bananas having learned that his previous attempts and his attendant promises to her have fallen through.

The Nations are handling Mr. Big Shot and the goings on at the Tribunal which is also up to its ass in alligators. The Nations are retrieving the packs.

More when possible, if necessary.

                    casper   8-5-10

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