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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

casper 08-11-10

Does it appear to YOU the 'Fed is Gone'?

They have been trying to access our accounts in order to deliver on the one Trillion+++++ in recent promises they and the 'Ayatolla' have made.
Today and recently certain members of the World Court and the Tribunal have worked with the 'usual suspects' to stop deliveries saying 'this can not be allowed to happen'.
There were 12 Trade Attempts today, a similar number every day since last we spoke/wrote. The court and the Tribunal have continued to try to access our accounts and certain Chinese Accounts around the clock. The Chinese are 'burned up' (mad/pissed) as a result.
Attorneys have filed suit today against the World Court, the Tribunal and all Countries involved in the on-going sabotage. Those Countries are upset to say the least but have been informed that 'we are tired of playing the game your way, now we play by different rules'.
The packs went back to the Pentagon which opened the Trigger Packs again and sent some of the cards to Treasury, some to the White House and some to the Federal Reserve. All attempts to access the accounts by these criminals were blocked as were all the Trade Attempts.
With each and every new sabotage attempt 'they' are told 'no damn way' its not going to work.
It is up to the Countries not involved in these Criminal Activities to see the packs all the way through to delivery and WE hear they making those arrangements tonight .
Casper 8-11=10

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