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Saturday, August 14, 2010

casper 08-14-10

Last night the Pentagon removed the CHECKS and everything else they perceived to be of value from the packs then ordered the rest destroyed.

They and Obama say they control this Country and no 'two bit has beens' are going to tell them what to do. They say they will never allow deliveries, not now or ever, and they will destroy the packs every time. They say they will split the funds among themselves meaning the Pentagon, Obama and the Clintons. They go on to say that all program participants are 'anarchist' and they are going to show us and the world who rules this country and the world.

The accounts are frozen of course and this latest THEFT will  have the same outcome as the THEFT of the cards. They simply can not stand the thought of 'we the people' receiving funds that would cost them total control. They would apparently have the world believe that the victims of theft are somehow the bad guys. They are extremely upset that the world is now aware of their sabotage activities. They have attempted to STEAL all funds everywhere from everyone using every conceivable method and are screaming because they have not been successful. It comes down to what has been reported so many times, 'they' will do anything, anything at all, to preserve their Fraudulent Financial Playpen and to maintain themselves in power.

More when possible.

                   casper   8-14-10

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