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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

casper opinion 08-10-10

From FOX BUSINESS NEWS this morning: Pay and Benefits for Federal Workers now more than twice Private Sector Pay and averages 123K per job. Not kidding. In California a retired 'whatever' from a town of 91 people is paid $500K/year retirement pay.

Average private sector pay $61K. Our Country is being turned upside down Intentionally. The least qualified paid the most. Private sector Business's and taxpayers forced to pay for Government Employment and Retirement Scams coast to coast. The Intentional Destruction of Capitalism. Unions and Government Employees richly rewarded in Marxist 'Redistribution Scams' paid for with borrowed money and ever increasing taxation. This is not a 'failure' of the Private Sector, Capitalism and Small Business, it is the Intentional 'Destruction' of same.
Viagra for teachers at taxpayer expense demands the Teachers Union. Not kidding.
Bloomberg last night: Iran will do business only in own currency and that of trading partners. No discussion at all this morning by talking heads. Manipulated Dollar rallies this morning. Suppression of major financial news with accompanying market manipulation. Izvestia (Russia) nothing compared to control of U.S. 'Free Press'.
Behind the scenes, U.S. prepares regulations forcing all 401K's and IRA's to invest only in Treasuries -forcing Citizens to finance all manner of unbelievably egregious financial behavior. When it all comes crashing down which is inevitable, retirement funds lost permanently or paid in worthless currency. Unconstitutional? Of course, as is the Government forcing citizens to buy health insurance. Government is a CORPORATION operating according to 'Public Policy' as defined by them not by or under the Constitution which to them is a nuisance, or 'a g.d. piece of paper'.
Deficits last three and one half years equals 3.2 Trillion. Treasuries sold same period 4.7 Trillion. What happened to the other 1.5 Trillion?
Size of 'Physical Gold Market' equals approximately 3 Trillion. Size of 'Paper Gold Market' equals 600 to 700 Trillion. Somebody's, plural, going to get the shaft. All financial markets are FRAUDULENT including the manipulated Metals Markets. The City, Wallstreet, Big Banks and Western Governments are the Con Artist Manipulators. The victims are everyone in the world except themselves. U.S. Debt has been Monetized with much more to come leading to Inflation. Refusal to allow Capitalism to work, replacing it with Government Sponsored Fraudulent Financial Manipulation guarantees Financial Failure with 'Capitalism' to be used as the 'scapegoat', a pre-planned route to a MARXIST OUTCOME.
What do you reckon happened to all those tungsten gold plated bars? Hushed up. Thirty percent Fiat Bonus to not take 'delivery' of Metals offered in London.
'No time to meet with Governor of Texas' says Obama during multiple fundraisers in Texas yesterday. Governor accost Obama at airport demanding to know why Immigration (ICE) has been ordered to arrest Mexican Criminals only, not other 'Illegal's. Simple. 'Open Borders' with Social Security for Illegal's, Free Medical, Free Everything, is Obama's Intentional Policy to eliminate our Southern Border while bankrupting Social Security hastening his Central Government Marxist re-structuring of our Country. Are YOU able to observe the obvious?
What if the 'replacement' for the Intentionally Destroyed existing Monetary System of the U.S. is the 'Cashless Society'. Would that be 'the mark of the beast'? What then?
If memory serves the NASA Man who went down (airplane crash) with former Senator Ted Stevens in Alaska today (O'Kieth?) is the one who WENT PUBLIC saying he had received orders from Obama that NASA's Number One Priority is to interface with Muslim Countries calling attention to their contributions in Science and Math.
Yesterday the Oilman and Investment Banker (Simmons) who said so much about the BP Gulf Oil Spill found dead, supposedly drowned as result of heart attack. 'Heart Attacks' and 'Plane Crashes' are the specialties of you know who.
Business?? Heads up....
casper 8-10-10

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